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Captain Aloysius Grayson

Name Aloysius Grayson

Position Commanding Officer

Rank Captain

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 42

Physical Appearance

Height 6'8"
Weight 192 lbs
Hair Color Dark brown
Eye Color Espresso brown
Physical Description Aloysius has a physical presence due to his height. He's athletic and on the lean side. He actively exercises. He keeps a light, small well-manicured beard and mustache on his face keeping his hair relatively short. He has sharp piercing, espresso-brown colored eyes with an aquiline nose.


Spouse Single; not married
Children None
Father Admiral Tiberius Grayson
Mother Captain Molly MacHale
Brother(s) Commander Ulysses Grayson (2348 - 2385)

Sister(s) Commodore Cassia Grayson (age 50), Commanding Officer, Hobart Station
Captain Marcelle Grayson (age 49), Judge Advocate General's Office - San Francisco

Personality & Traits

General Overview Captain Aloysius Grayson has the Commander (ENTJ) personality traits. Grayson strives for his decisiveness through momentum and accomplishment. He loves to motivate his crewmembers under his command to improve. He can be dominant, relentless, and unforgiving while focusing on the task at hand. He bundles up his emotions inside and handles them quite poorly. He doesn't express himself emotionally on duty as he finds that dangerous as a Starfleet Captain. He places the safety and well-being of his crew and ship before anything else.
Strengths & Weaknesses + Efficient
+ Energetic
+ Self-Confident
+ Strong-Willed
+ Strategic Thinker
+ Charismatic & Inspiring
- Stubborn
- Dominant
- Intolerant: unsupportive of other people's approaches to things differing from their own
- Arrogant
- Poor handling of emotions
Ambitions - To command a Ross-class starship.
- To become a flag officer by the age of fifty.
- To visit Cardassia with his mother Molly.
Hobbies & Interests Coffee: There is a golden rule that you don't hover close by or in near proximity while Captain Aloysius Grayson is still enjoying his first hot beverage of choice of the day: a triple-brewed raktajino or a six-shot espresso Americano.

Music: Aloysius listens to the contemporaries of twenty-first-century music from a variety of different genres: jazz, pop, and rock and roll. His mother Molly taught him how to play the Cardassian instrument, the Trikolat, which he infrequently plays to this day.

Reading: His parents both encouraged him to actively read from their collection of literature and novels they've collected during their careers in Starfleet. His parents both encouraged him to read across multiple genres and eons of literature not only from Earth but Cardassian, Klingon, and Romulan. He's read several Shakespearean written in tlhIngan Hol. Today, he reads a lot of classical literature, mostly nonfiction including biographies and literature. One of his prized possessions is his parents' copy of T.S. Elliott's Four Quartets, which he quotes from quite often.

Writing: His mother Molly encouraged him when he was a teenager to write. He recalls his favorite thing was structuring his essays with his mother for his coursework. Later in life, he still uses the same skills while he's writing his own reports when he's able to. He prefers not to rely on a novice Yeoman to make any mistakes. He doesn't like to tell others but he has copious amounts of poetry he's written since he was eleven.

Recreation: Aloysius often takes solitude in recreational activities onboard the Haida such as playing games in the recreation room, playing card games, and 3D Chess. He's often found in the Gymnasium exercising and often uses his Holodeck time to cross country in Durham, United Kingdom where his mother is from.

Animal Lover: It may surprise those under his command but Captain Aloysius Grayson is an animal lover. He has two pets of his own: a cat and a dog. The cat is a Ragdoll named Whiskers that he was gifted by his cousin Grace for his thirtieth birthday. The dog is a four-year-old black Labrador Retriever named Raffles. He was gifted Raffles by the Agincourt's Commanding Officer -- Captain Elissa Mackinnon and her daughter Cadet Caitlyn Dimtryik when he received his promotion to Captain and received his first command. Whiskers tend to remain in his quarters, while Raffles can be seen going on walks down the corridors, in the Captain's galley, or in his Ready Room.

Personal History Captain Aloysius Grayson is the fourth and youngest child of Captain Molly MacHale and Admiral Tiberius Grayson on Mother's Day (United Kingdom), March 10, 2359. He was born when his parents were vacationing in Durham, United Kingdom while they were visiting his grandparents. He is the first Grayson to be born on Earth since 2158.

Aloysius was close to his sisters Cassia and Marcelle as they were closer in age than he was to his older brother Ulysses. He looked up to Ulysses. He delivered the eulogy at his brother's memorial service after he was killed during the Synth Attack on Mars when the orbital defense platform he was the commandant of was destroyed.
Service Record
Freshman Cadet

Starfleet Academy
Beta Aquilae II
Sophomore Cadet

Starfleet Academy
San Francisco, Earth
Junior Cadet

Starfleet Academy
Academy Flight Range
Senior Cadet

Starfleet Academy
San Francisco, Earth
Senior Cadet

Cadet Rotation
USS Halifax

Relief Tactical Officer
USS Halifax
Lieutenant JG

Security/Tactical Officer
USS Frontier

Assistant Chief Security/Tactical Officer
USS Frontier

Advanced Tactical Training
Starfleet Academy - Earth

Strategic Operations Officer
USS Bismarck
Lieutenant Commander

Strategic Operations Officer/2XO
USS Bismarck
Strategic Operations Officer/2XO
USS Cascadia
Command Student
Starfleet Command School
Executive Officer
USS Agincourt
Commanding Officer
USS Uhura
Commanding Officer
USS Haida