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Lieutenant Amri Vaughan

Name Amri Vaughan

Position Chief Operations Officer

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Trill/Human Hybrid
Age 24

Physical Appearance

Height 5' 5"
Weight 126
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color dark brown
Physical Description Her hair style has casual waves dressed through the mid-lengths with a medium length end. It seems to go well with the narrow face, the narrow style nose and the softness of the lips.
The trill spots start at each side of the forehead and down more behind the ears. From there, the spots head down each side of the neck and over the shoulders with a continuation on down from there.


Spouse None
Children None
Father James Dynal-Vaughan, a former Jag officer on San Frontiers - deceased
Mother Lexi Dynal-Vaughan (with Symbiont Mig)
Brother(s) Clay Vaughan - twin brother
Sister(s) Lyra Dynal - Older full sister (deceased),

Adlin 'Addy' Dynal-Vaughan - younger full sister (deceased)

Personality & Traits

General Overview She may be soft spoken, but determined to do her job and what is required of her. She's not in to the gossiping style or to out shine others. She wants to be appreciated for what she can do and to enjoy her time here.
Strengths & Weaknesses Her strength is her will power to do the best at her job and to be loyal to Starfleet it's self, no matter where it takes her.

Her weakness is flirtation that's to go some where and the attractive of the opposite side.. She tries to keep to herself and not also give into the sweetness of strawberries.
Ambitions To make others proud as gratitude helps on the path to a fully honest being.
Hobbies & Interests Hobby: A peaceful setting to some peaceful melody, while writing a story or reading a book. She also likes to play card games and a few other games of old of Earth tradition like connect-4, monopoly, and tic-tac-toe.

Her interests vary from food, to space and the science of if as well as how things tend to operate.

Personal History Amri was born on San Frontiers and grew up learning about the judicial side of the Federation and Star Fleet. Something that she didn't have much interest in. She took virtual style classes and excelled best in the science division and the physics division. Her mother took note of this and persuaded the station to show her other sections of the area.

After a while of growing old enough for more learning. She was sent to the Trill homeworks to learn of their culture. She tried her best here, but she felt like she didn't belong...
Still not that interested in those areas either, she asked her parents if she could join Star Fleet like they did. After a long talk with her, they agreed and had her stay with her Dad's relatives on Earth.

She dated Erik Lawson for a while and she was almost engaged with him, but they separated and she moved on. She took a vacation from Archimedes and went to visit her family that moved to Trill. She stayed here during the Frontier Days with her Parents and brother, helping to tend to her father's declining health. She learned of two of her siblings dying after it was all over and her family were very sad. She left them to return to Star Fleet. Her father passed, before she said good bye to her mother and brother, whom remained behind to collect and bury the others.
Service Record Amri studied through out the Academy, doing as well as she could. With her previous training from Trill, her minor was in medical. She still did not feel that suited her and her major ended up in Operations.

Once the Academy was over, she found herself to be assigned to the Aldrin as one of the operations officers. She wasn't sure how her family felt, but she knew that they would have supported her in the path that was before her. She was thankful of her experiences that lead her this far and she was intrigued about the Aldrin.

After finishing on Aldrin as a Lieutenant Jg and landing a spot on the Archimedes for a couple of years, becoming a Lieutenant. She left Archimedes for a few months to spend with her family on Trill as her father's health was declining.

After the incidents with Frontier Days and the fact that she can't remember what happened, during her stay at the home and her father passing... She frowned as she requested a return, upon hearing of all the devastation of Frontier Days.
She smiled a bit as she was offered a spot on Haida.

Only problem was, she was temporarily assigned to help the Roosevelt mean time and help make sure their systems were clean. This was before she was set to arrive on Haida.