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Cadet Senior Grade Caitlin Dimytrik

Name Caitlin Kei Dimytrik

Position Nurse

Rank Cadet Senior Grade

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human
Age 20

Physical Appearance

Height 5'6"
Weight 130lbs
Hair Color Blond
Eye Color Green
Physical Description Caitlin Dimytrik is of compact and graceful build, with a face that balances features of her mother and father, though softer and rounder than both. Her skin is fair, with slightly freckled cheeks, and her large eyes are a brilliant emerald green that accents her very golden blond hair.


Spouse none
Children none
Father Dragorn Dimytrik
Mother Vice Admiral Elissa Dimytrik
Brother(s) none
Sister(s) none
Other Family Commodore Robert Hamish Drake, Uncle (retired)

Personality & Traits

General Overview Caitlin is a kind and caring person with a wry sense of humor. She makes friends easily and will be loyal to them and her family a fault. She does not believe in violence when a peaceful solution can be found to a conflict and wants to do as much good as she can, which is why, though following her parents footsteps into Starfleet, she chose to go down the medical path, rather than other options available to her.
Strengths & Weaknesses Highly intelligent, a strength inherited from both of her parents, but especially so from her father, Dragorn, who had a keen and intense intellect. This, along with her love of knowledge and an intense ability to concentrate, allowed her to apply to Starfleet Academy early and gain admittance ahead of others in her age group.

She is dedicated and focused, and can be overly so. As well, being young, she has yet to gain the experience and wisdom that comes with age.

After the events of Frontier day, she has an aversion to causing harm and a dislike of being armed, preferring even more so to dedicate herself to her medical profession. Caitlin is still undergoing counseling due to the events of that day

Additionally, due to the events of Frontier day, she has a specific distrust of transporters and prefers not to use them when possible
Ambitions To graduate from the Academy and become the best medical officer she can and do all the good she can in the universe.
Hobbies & Interests Reading, old earth cartoons, classical music, aquariums. Swimming, the outdoors, history, starships (her favorite being the refit Excelsior class), carbonated drinks and chocolate

Personal History Caitlin Kei Dimytrik was born on March 15, 2382 aboard Starbase 418 to then Commander Elissa Dimytrik and Commander Dragorn Dimytrik. Both of her parents were senior officers in Starfleet, one in command division, one in Intelligence. She spent most of her young life aboard starships and starbases, growing up mostly aboard her mother's command, the USS Agincourt NCC-2144. It was almost a forgone conclusion that she would follow her parents into Starfleet from a very young age.

From early on it became apparent that she was very intelligent, gifted even. She excelled at her schooling and surpassed her classmates quickly. She also developed an interest in biology and anatomy as she got older and her parents wondered if she might end up going into sciences or medical, the latter of which, she would, as she also developed a very keen desire to help people and do good. She learned first aid, took responsibilities as class medic or life guard. In her later education she started specializing in pre-med and nursing courses, focusing her education on the medical field and an eventual application to Starfleet Medical.

Caitlin graduated from primary and secondary schools early, her exemplary grades allowing her to take expedited courses and apply for Starfleet Academy early, at the age of 15 in 2398. When she was accepted, she bit her parents and her home aboard the Agincourt goodbye as she began attending her courses at the Academy at San Francisco on Earth.

In 2401, she took a short break from her senior Academy courses to attend Frontier day with her mother aboard the USS Agincourt NCC-2144-A as part of the fleet display. When the Borg signal went out that completed the assimilation of all Starfleet personnel under the age of 25 that had been through the transporter system, Caitlin was effected and immediately converted. She, along with the other young members of the crew turned on the Agincourt's unassimilated crew and took the ship. She herself, being a cadet and guest, was not armed like others, but was still involved with the capture of the bridge and, having been standing beside her mother's command chair, did, under Borg control, attacked her, pinning her down as the armed helm officer delivered a luckily not lethal, but severely wounding phaser shot. Admiral Dimytrik survived only by the quick action of the ship's Executive Officer, who initiated a site-to-site transport and beamed himself, the Admiral and several other senior command staff to a safe location elsewhere aboard the ship.

Under Borg control, Caitlin took part in the operation of the captured Agincourt in the attack on Spacedock and the coinciding battle with the liberated USS Titan. Agincourt was damaged and knocked out by several direct hits from Spacedock and the Titan before the orbital facility fell, along with Earth's planetary shield, and was incapable of taking part in any attack that might have happened on Earth if the Borg threat had not been eliminated by the Enterprise crew at Jupiter.

Freed of the controlling Borg signal, she, along with her fellow assimilated crew, were released from their bonds. She was immediately overcome and near hysterical, knowing what she had done under Bord control and feared that her mother had been killed, almost by her own hands. Her mother had survived, and while badly wounded, was soon back on the bridge, and helping coordinate the the immediate emergency operations as one of the few remaining flag rank officers still alive and functioning after the Borg assimilation.

To this day Caitlin harbors deep guilt for her actions that day, even understanding how beyond her control the situation was, she none the less regularly seeks counseling and has committed herself to a path of peace and care for all those she can aid.

By 2402 she had completed all of her Academy courses and was posted as a Nurse to the USS Haida NCC-42063 for her cadet shipboard rotation before graduation.
Service Record
Freshman Cadet

Starfleet Academy
San Francisco
Sophomore Cadet

Starfleet Academy
San Francisco, Earth
Junior Cadet

Starfleet Academy
San Francisco, Earth
Senior Cadet

Starfleet Academy
San Francisco, Earth
Senior Cadet

Cadet Rotation
USS Haida NCC-42063