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Gaining traction

Posted on Sat May 13th, 2023 @ 2:09am by Lieutenant Lily Carter

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Mission: The Kriresian Gambit
Location: Counselor's Office
Timeline: After the introduction

After the Captain had left the turbolift, Lily let out a little bit of a sigh. She was uneasy though about this thing, despite how thankful she was of her age. She wondered and wondered if what happened to the younger officers, could happen again... She felt chills under her arms as she waited for it to arrive at the deck of which her office resided.

She decided to visit medical bay later, she wanted to occupy her mind of knowledge. Despite that what happened to her, was still in her mind. She couldn't progress the events, until she was able to physically write what she remembered and compared it with other information that was now available and out there for her department.

Lily began to write down what she remembered. It was as if it was just a day ago, as Lily strangely wrote in third person view... She was in the medical ward helping console a crewmember that had been injured. She was doing all she could to distract this person, including a few jokes that made the person smile. She was hopeful, until she remembered seeing a few of the crew members faces changing.

She stopped for a moment, "faces changing" She said softly... She continued her writing. She tried to go into detail. The faces were normal, then black streaks like veins appeared as did the color changing to a similarity like... She paused for a moment as she looked up the events on her console... "borg" she said softly as she went back to her writing.

Similar to the borg, the faces were. It was as if they've been assimilated without being touched. She thought that strange as she reached for a hypospray to use on one. She noticed one of the young security officers that were there to be treated. He was aiming a phaser at her from afar and firing... She closed her eyes a moment as she continued to write... It wasn't much time for any awareness, as she went to leave from the side of the patient, now turning as well. She remembered the phaser going off...

Lily paused for a moment as she looked at her padd... The she continued to write describing what she recalled in what seemed like moments to her. She felt a pull backwards and hitting the Cabin as the phaser hit, but she doesn't remember exactly where. She remembered them walking over , checking on her as her eyes began to close. She thought then that she had died, but an emh appeared.

Carter looked at the note on another padd of her's of the Emh's message. "Sustained phaser wound to the right shoulder and left ribcage, just below the lung. Patient is unconcious, but stable condition. I have learned of the young being absorbed by some type of borg control. I cannot purge it from the system for the benefit of the crew or to save most of the lives. So, I will help monitor this patient, until the cavalry arrives."

She added that to her own notes of what she recalled. She felt a little better, knowing she wasn't alone in those thoughts. She focused back to that time period and she remembered being woken by the Captain and others. Most of the younger generation recovered from that catastrophe. She remembered that later on, the fleet administered ways to clean the transporters and to help save the young from that ever happening again. She liked that notion, though it did make her feel uncomfortable of such things ever having to have happened. She couldn't quite understand, except that it had to do with those pesky changelings.

On a higher note, she was also glad to learn of all of those things being taken care of as well. She wondered if Star Fleet would grow stronger, but she had a funny feeling that things are never quite over. New adventures for her would be better than that ordeal. She was happy to have left her old crew behind, for this one. Though, she hoped that she made friends with several and that they'd keep in touch with her.

She sighed as she logged out of her padd, feeling a little better writing that down to keep as a reminder and a study guide in a way. She grabbed them both and put them back in her box. The only box that she had brought with her that wasn't quite that full. She wasn't big into hording and she didn't feel like it either. She glanced at the very few items in her small box of mementos that she'll eventually... She thinks, but shook her head. "Must move on." she said softly to herself, though she won't say she never will go back into that box. She knew better than that.

Lieutenant Lily Carter
USS Haida


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