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... Or we'll sail into history.

Posted on Sun May 7th, 2023 @ 10:22pm by Lieutenant Commander Vorix t'Rennikh

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Mission: The Kriresian Gambit
Location: USS Haida
Timeline: MD 00 0930

Vorix sat back in his chair, PADD in hand, reading yet another report. The magnitude of his predecessor's 'errors' was of a level that belied incompetence. There were so many things that had been done wrong, one atop the other. Solutions in search of a problem. Well, he had problems aplenty, and very few of them were simple. Everything on a starship worked in a delicate balance with everything else. Balance was definitely a zero-sum equation; there was rarely enough resources to go around in a crunch. Improperly sequencing of the plasma injectors within the nacelles would create a bad warp field, which would interfere with both the bussard collectors as well as the proper functioning of the navigational deflector. Phasers and shields needed to be aligned properly with each other to prevent beam attenuation when passing out of the shield bubble as well as limit shield energy bleed. And on and on and on. One item out of calibration could be handled on the fly.

This Hazard to Starship Operations had thrown over half the systems onboard out of whack, which affected nearly everything else. Even the Holodecks had been affected!

Still, progress was being made. Most of the major systems had been returned to their previous configurations. That had been the easy part. The rest of the next day and change were now devoted towards tightening up the work already done, now that reliable interactive data could be obtained, and fixing the minor systems that could be handled mostly independently.

Vorix had also kept an eye on the cadet they'd received. The young bajoran was a promising kid, and judging by his academy records he had serious potential. The Chief pondered the future for a moment, wondering how far the kid would make it before giving up or dying. He had aptitude in spades, but did he have the right attitude?

That was a thought that brought him to his current quandary. Drills. He had a deadline to meet, the ship needed to be ready when the Captain came calling. Vorix wouldn't fail in that regard. What he couldn't do, because of a separate zero-sum calculation, was run drills. He couldn't run them mostly because his entire department was up to their elbows in the innards of the ship. He also couldn't run the ones he wanted because that would take coordination with the Captain, as well as the other department heads.

And his list of scenarios was extensive. Hull breach drill. Power loss drill. Plasma fire. Collision. Saucer Separation. God that one was ... if he was reading the schematics right, the Haida's Separation feature was an idiotic nightmare. Some imbecile had decided to cram a Galaxy-Class style Saucer Separation feature into a ship barely half the size and with design features that made the docking procedures hazardous even in the best of times. And if the centerline impulse deck shrouds that covered the top of the hull were to bend in the wrong direction after separation, the two halves of the ship would be stuck until his department could cut the offending parts away.

Which made educating the entire crew in Damage Control an even higher imperative. The more people Vorix could count on to take care of the little stuff, the more of his engineers he could devote for the really big issues. So, that would be something he'd tackle today: first, getting with the Captain. Then, wrangling his contemporaries into seeing things his way.


Lieutenant Commander Vorix
Chief Engineer, USS Haida NCC-42063


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