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The Best Laid Plains

Posted on Mon May 22nd, 2023 @ 10:37am by Captain Aloysius Grayson & Commander Deron Brack & Commander Agatha Oyihnmoda MD & Lieutenant Commander Rachel Lax & Lieutenant Commander Vorix t'Rennikh & Lieutenant Lily Carter & Lieutenant JG Kasra Constantine & Lieutenant JG Yevgeni & Cadet Senior Grade Caitlin Dimytrik
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Mission: The Kriresian Gambit
Location: USS Haida
Timeline: MD 01 0330

[ USS Haida ]
[ Man Engineering ]
[ MD 1 0330 ]

He was perusing some random tidbit when Ens. Steele called out to him. "Commander? I've got something you need to see." Vorix got up and came over to the console the half-bolian computer tech was working at. His eyes flashed over the code that was seeming to re-write itself before both of their eyes, and he recognized some of the commands that were being prepared. "Log everything on your PADD. NOW!"

The romulan didn't wait for confirmation, and instead rushed over to his own main station. Fingers flew over the controls, initiating emergency protocols usually reserved for uncontrolled magnetic containment breaches. All through the ship, an emergency claxon sounded. This wasn't the usual alert siren; this one signaled impending DISASTER!

Along the ventral surface of the engineering hull, a number of hatches popped open. The first to slide out was the entire warp reactor core. The glow within its housing gradually faded as the residual matter and antimatter within burned out. Seconds later the core was joined by a number of magnetic containment bottles, each housing its portion of the Haida's anti-matter supply. Tractor beams from the drydock facilities took hold of each ejected item and towed or pushed them out to safe distances.

Lily was asleep in her office on the couch when the alarm woke her. She quickly grabbed her things and she headed out of her office to see what was going on.

With a start Lieutenant Commander Lax snapped out of bed, and fell onto the floor as the klaxons screamed in her quarters. "What the absolute fuck is going on?" she slurred out still drunk on sleep. Her first response was to grab the old beat-up leather-away jacket and a pair of pants, the rest could wait she decided as she zipped the jacket up three-quarters. She knew even though she wasn't on duty yet she would need to get to the bridge, so out the door, she scampered.

Cadet Caitlin Dimytrik was fast asleep in her bunk, as the most junior member of the crew, she shared a cabin with an ensign. She had the top bunk, which she thought was pretty cool until the ship went into emergency mode, klaxons shrieking and red light bathing the crew cabin, joined by the distant jolts and shudders of a number of somethings being ejected from the ships hull.

Caitlin awoke with a start, almost clobbering herself on the roof as she almost stood up in her bunk. "What the heck?!" she demanded to no one, her cabin-mate was on a late shift and she was alone. She grabbed her uniform pants, stuffing her legs into them as she tried to wiggle unto her blue shouldered tunic and grab her comm badge all at the same time. There was no time for her undershirt or cadet rank pips as she hurriedly dressed and bolted out of her cabin, barefoot, boots in her hands, sprinting to the turbolift to sickbay.

Alone in his dimly lit quarters, Chief Yevgeni sat at the working space wearing a blue matching shirt and trousers with white moons and stars embedded on them.
When the Klaxon sounded, Yevegni immediately opened a comm channel to the security centre. "Chief Yevgeni. Report." He demanded.

The Captain was wearing shorts that came halfway down his calves and a dark gray t-shirt that said HAIDA on it. He was running down the corridor until he heard the disaster imminent klaxon being sounded. He came to a complete stop half-stride and placed his hands on his hips, "What the actual fuck?"

Aloysius stepped towards the corridor and brought his hands to the console. He raised an eyebrow, "What the fuck is going on with my ship?"

"Fuck running," Aloysius began to continue mid-stride towards the nearest turbolift.

Kasra was wide awake and sipping the interesting liquid after having finished a steaming plate of breakfast. The Klaxons began to honk through her new quarters forcing her to let go of the heavy metal cup with a *clang* on the small table.
He movements where swift as she stood, piling up her jacket and swimming her upper body into it as she ran to the nearest turbolift.

Aggy sat cross-legged on the floor of her office, leaning back against the bulkhead, a large tablet displaying the medical files of the crew she was reviewing. As she reached for her mug tea the emergency klaxons sounded. Her hand knocked the mug over, she swore as she got to her feet. Tossing the padd on her desk she looked back at the floor for a moment and swore against it before heading into the ward.

"Get emergency teams prep, What ever is going on we'll probably be needed." She called to the medical officer on duty.

Minutes later, Vorix entered the Captain's Ready Room, a man on a mission. "Captain, I know I said I'd have your ship ready by the deadline, but I have some bad news."

Suddenly, all the lights went out, save for the Emergency strips. The desktop terminal exploded in a shower of sparks, and several shouts of alarm could be heard from the bridge on the other side of the closed doors as the same happened there. As well as every other console on the ship.

The romulan never broke eye contact with his Captain, even in the dim lighting. "That's the first party popper he had waiting. The Warp core and all anti-matter storage units have been safely ejected, and the impulse generators are physically locked out from their deuterium feed lines, so we're not going to explode. Today."

The Captain was still out of uniform when he rose to his feet, "I need everything you have. It looks like I'm going back down to Starbase 234 to fill in the Admiralty. Please tell me that the sonic showers are still working?"

"We're on emergency batteries right now," the engineer replied, not quite answering the Captain's all-important question. "Ens. Steele and his crew are working their magic with the computer to prevent further damage, but I have the preliminaries on me and you'll get up to the second updates." He held out a PADD.

The captain watched his chief engineer hand out the PADD, "Please put it down on the desk. I hate being handed things, Commander."

The engineer tossed the PADD to the desktop with a clatter. "As soon as we get the computer core clear of malicious code we can get hooked up to the dock umbilical for power."

"So I guess I'm in a holding pattern. Do we have ship-wide comms?"

All Lily Carter could muster out of a crew member that they had to get off the ship. She groaned as she made her way to the shuttle bay, adjusting her box that she hadn't unpacked. Jumping at things exploding near her, as she went by them, using her flashlight with the rest of the skeletal crew.

"So much for getting a head start with the crew," Carter though. Lily sat down on a seat in the shuttle, as she quickly took out a padd and wrote a message on it. She was detailing that she'd be back at Starbase 234 rather than the Ship and she sent it to the important crewmembers.

"Ma'am," one of the deck crew poked his head into the shuttle. "I'm afraid we're not getting out this way. The bay doors are locked tight. I'd suggest making your way to Sickbay, or at least the nearest aid station. Medics are going to need all the help they can get."

Lily gave the person her box, "Please take this to my quarters. I hadn't even found that yet! I slept in the office." She looked a little embarrassed. "I'll go find sickbay," She said as she left towards finding the location.

As she worked her way through the ship to the bridge Lax had to duck as an eps line exploded over her head nearly knocking her to the ground. she had arrived at a turbolift to find it jammed in place only halfway between decks. Her padd bleeped with a message from someone, she'd look at it once she was at her station.. Ducking, bobbing, and weaving she followed the hallway further down through he dark with fires and sparks lighting her way, she found a turbolift that was still functioning. Sliding in between half opened doors she called out "Bridge" and felt the lift start moving. A few seconds later it came to a halt and the doors opened, the deck was a half meter higher then the turbolift. With a grunt she stepped up into the bridge.

The bridge had a scattering of ratings, each frantically at work trying to get some semblance of information from what consoles were still working. An ensign noticed Lax entering and approached to give her as complete a report as he could, very relieved that someone else was here so he wouldn't have to be the one to talk to the Captain. "Commander, the warp core is gone, we're on emergency power, half the consoles in the bridge are scrap. Engineering reports they are sending out damage control parties, but it's going to be a while before we have freedom of movement through the ship again. The new engineer is in with the Captain, too. Bridge is yours, ma'am."

"Well then..." Lax paused letting her half awake brain to fully catch up. "First get comms to the starbase and inform them we are declaring an emergency, even if you have to go into the briefing room and use a flashlight to send it in Morse code. You over there," Lax pointed at another rating, "get a line to engineering, and see if we still have the ability to send lines to the base to draw from shore power." She quickly moved to the command chair as she continued talking, without dropping in it, she started pulling up what situation reports she could. "Lastly kill the klaxons up here, and get me a report from medical on casualties. Let's get as much information for the Captain before he gets here."

The ensign working at an open access panel in the floor beside the engineering station didn't even turn his head. "Ma'am, warp core ejection is an automatic emergency, they already know. The spacedock we're in has got tractor emitters in a repulsion mode surrounding the ship to contain and safely redirect any explosive events we may suffer, and will remain so until we report we're stable and no longer in danger of premature detonation. We're stuck on emergency batteries until then." The disaster claxon was cut seconds later.

As for what Lax was able to see, it was both bad, and good. There were reports from all decks and all compartments about overloading power relays, junctions, consoles, and so forth. The hangar bay doors were jammed shut and not responding, locking the small craft inside. Engineering had ejected both the Warp Core and the entire Antimatter supply, which the dock had tractored away to a safe distance. Impulse and auxiliary generators were offline. Arguably, the ship was far worse off now than when they'd pulled in for repairs mere days ago.

The good news? No deaths, so far, just an appreciable number of mostly superficial casualties. And no hull breaches or other serious structural deficiencies.

"Very well," Lex replied absorbing the infromation and trying to come up at least a short term plan of action. 'Shit why couldn't we be under attack by an external threat...' Her eyes raced across the display once more before speaking again. "Ok then I want you all to continue putting the fires out here, and then once we have the bridge secured I want those of you who are not this minute needed here start working down the decks as a damage control team, I'll stay here and work the problems with you." She pointed at the crewman that had first replied to her.

Pulling a panel off a console that was smoking she started pulling chips and moving them to attempt to stop the smoking before it started sparking or worse catch fire. "What was going on before this all started?" Lex asked.

Caitlin had not made it to sickbay yet, the turbolift network was down and things were getting worse. Lights were flickering, she heard something overload and explode behind a wall as she rushed down a passageway, sparks, some brief flames and smoke jetting out from behind a panel.

She quickly found herself access to one of the vertical jeffries tubes and was clambering onto the ladder, hauling herself up 3 decks to the one with sickbay.

Anyone entering sickbay would find more than a few crew already being tended to. Most were minor burns, but there were a few concussions or other more serious injuries.

"I've got confirmation we've got triage facilities set up in cargo bay 1 and the mess hall." Shouted someone. "Good, try to get it out so we can redirect people, Anyone who does not need to be under observation should be released. " Agatha said as she finished closing up a series of lacerations down the arm of a Bajoran engineer.

"Doctor Cap'lo and Doctor Hendrix are both leading additional search teams." Someone else called.

"Noted, Once Cassy and Miller get out there, focus on checking in on our recoveries," Agatha said, finishing the work on the Engineer, she gave him a nod and he flexed his arm a few times, "It will be tight for a few days, but shouldn't give you too much grief, avoid explosions. "

"Yes, Doc." He said with a small smile before moving out of the way of the next patient.

Lily arrived at sickbay, entering through one of the Jefferies tubes, "umm.. Hi." She greeted the others.

As Yevgeni awaited a response, he dressed himself in the golden Starfleet uniform. When the room became pure darkness, nothing lighting the room except emergency lights he stormed out of his quarters fighting sleep, entering a jogging pace until he entered the turbolift then continued his speed to the security centre.

A burly rating stood watch outside the security complex. He didn't seem surprised at the stature of his new boss; this muscle had brains to accurately employ his significant brawn. "Sir. Engineering requests any available personnel we can send to assist their damage control efforts. No reports of maleficence so far, just bumps and bruises from ... whatever just happened."

Yegeni's jog turned into a fast walk, turning into the forced open door the short officer stated "Well until I get a direct order they can go elsewhere." Entering the beating heart of the centre, he stood in the middle flanked by panicking Starfleet members.

"Alright, people!" He called. "I'm declaring a lockdown. No one without my authoritarian is to embark or disembark this vessel. There might be a Changeling among us, so we'll blood-screen the whole crew, mark them with a pink marker pen those who don't comply, lock it in quarters or the brig."

Yevgeni pointed at several Earth Humans, 2 Female and 1 Male Vulcan "Owen, Rasha & Sakath lockdown all docking hatches." He ordered, turning to the wider audience "Rest of you, blood screening. If you've got advanced rifle training then take a rifle, if not take a pistol. Now move out!"

Kasra was in the turbolift as the lights went out and the lift halted. Exhaling a long breath, she closed her eyes and took a few deep breaths, then opening her eyes and looking around. She tapped her comm badge, "LT Constantine to bridge, I'm stuck in turbolift 2. Power is out and the secondary lighting is also down."

"Yeah, no kidding," came a voice from Kasra's combadge. "Power's out across the board, and that's not the half of it. You've got two options: sit there and wait for who knows how long, or pop the emergency escape hatch and climb to the next deck. Good luck." With that the line went dead.

Kasra clicked her tongue and nodded, unzipping her jacket as she clambered to pop the escape hatch. A light pop came from the hatch as it was activated and the lean figure of LT Constantine slipped through to end up standing on the external roof of the lift. Her hand then took purchase on a small rung not far from her standing form as she moved upward to work toward leaving the turbolift shaft.

Caitlin pulled herself out of the jeffries tube, coughing and looking a bit singed around the edges, black smoke billowing out of the tunnel behind her as she rolled onto the deck, gasping for fresh air a moment before reaching up and slapping the control that slammed the tube's hatch shut.

She had been climping the jeffries tube ladder when another shudder had rattled through the ship and something *very* close had blown, showering her with sparks and bits of melted plastic before flooding the vertical tunnel with black acrid smoke and heat as something burned away intensely.

Caitlin curled up on the floor and hugged her knees to her chest, this was all way too much like the psyche test in the Academy acceptance program, but not a test, this was real. She shook and forced herself to to uncurl and roll onto her hands and knees, the floor vibrated below her and light's flickered as she grabbed onto a lip in the corridor wall paneling, pulling herself back up to her feet.

She gasped and looked about, spotting the deck and section indication markings in the unreliable emergency light. She had made it to the deck and almost the right section. Caitlin gathered her wits and pushed herself off from the wall and down towards sickbay. She had to get there, as much as she wanted to run and hide, everyone was needed.

In moments she was there, pushing her way through the doors into sickbay, it was already a mess, busy with the injured. She spotted the senior medical officer and quickly made her way over to Doctor Oyihnmoda.

"Nurse Dimyrik reporting, where can I help?" the Cadet said as soon as the Commander had a free second, her face full of apprehension and anxiety, but also determination to help.

Aggy turned to see the new face. "Ah welcome, we'll skip the tour today, but I'm just about to go check on our team in the messhall. Engineering have managed to get a cleared path. We're taking the j-tubes but we won't have to transverse too many decks. Grab a field kit and you're with me."

Caitlin nodded and went to the nearest storage rack, quickly grabbed a medkit and medical tricorder before falling into step with Doctor Oyihnmoda. She was not so keen on going back into the jeffries tubes after her recent experience getting smoked in one coming up from her cabin, but there was s job to be done and the lifts were out

"Say that again." Deron asked incredulously. " I can't raise them" replied the Transporter Chief. "Looks like they have barely any power. If I had to guess, "The transporter chief said, looking closely at the screen. " Judging on the amount of power I am registering, They are running battery power and not a lot of it."

Deron was surprised, to say the least. He turned to look out the window for the moment. The planet was very green, with clear lush vegetation. He had never heard of a ship in dry dock going into lockdown. "Sensors show moments before the power dropped, the ship ejected its warp core and magnetic containment bottles."

Deron's face contorted into an expression of confusion. This didn't make any sense. What had happened up there? Had there been another changeling discovered?

"Get me someone from Starbase Operations" Deron asked.

Ephrem came to with a pounding headache. He had apparently fallen asleep on the couch and when the ship had lurked he lurked right into his coffee table. He felt his face and pulled it back. A few flakes of dried blood but nothing serious. Getting to his feet he tried his combadge, not surprised to find it dead he grabbed a phaser and made his way out of his quarters.


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