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The Run-In at the Cafe

Posted on Wed Jun 21st, 2023 @ 6:44pm by Captain Aloysius Grayson & Commander Agatha Oyihnmoda MD
Edited on on Tue Jul 11th, 2023 @ 8:06am

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Mission: The Kriresian Gambit
Location: In Orbit of Chantier IV
Timeline: MD -2 0830

Aggy waited until the transport pilot, signaled them to depart. The heavy shuttle couriered the few dozen officers and crew to the final leg of the journey to SB 234.

It was nice to be on a planet, the air was crisp and the sun was bright. Aggy turned her face towards the sun, eyes closed, and enjoyed the moment. Reaching into her bag she pulled out a pair of large sunglass and put them on. She had gone with a comfortable loose-fitting dress tied at the waist. Making her way to a nearby coffee shop she wait at the bar for her drink, taking and taking the barista she began to walk along one of the many stress crisscrossing the vast neighborhood.

"Hoy!" Captain Aloysius Grayson exclaimed at the barista with a bad attitude, "What do you mean you don't serve rakjatinos?"

"We haven't gotten our shipment of organic Rakjatino beans," the unfazed barista replied in a very monotone and emotionless tone.

"Fine," the captain replied quite dryly, "I'll take a six-shot Americano."

"Do you want the medium or the blonde roast?" The barista still replying to him in the same manner.

"What the fuck is a blonde roast?"

"More caffeine, less coffee taste."

"Fuck," Aloysius nodded, "I'll take that then."

"You sound like you need it."

Agatha looked up from the rack of scarves she was browsing through. The commotion caught her attention, then she recognized the man at the centre as her new boss. Having reviewed the senior officer medical records already, she recognized Captain Grayson from his file.

Hopefully the temper is better when he's caffeinated. She took another sip of her own beverage before making her way over to the Captain. She debating aiting till he was caffinated to approach him, but figured she would just seem creepy lurking.

"Captain Grayson," She said coming up beside him. "Doctor Oyihnmoda, your new CMO."

The Captain glimpsed over at his incoming chief medical officer before returning his gaze to the barista while he waited impatiently for his order. He replied with a short form answer , “Commander.”

He grunted as a verbal confirmation. He hated being bothered on his free time then he was reminded that he was the captain of a Federation starship. There was no such thing as free time even during downtime for unexpected repairs.

She waited a moment while the barista prepared his drink. "I apologize for interrupting your morning, but thought I would say hello when I saw you." She paused for a moment, trying to gauged his general level of annoyance with her and if she should cut her losses or continue the first conversation.

“No interruption at all,” the captain replied sharply while his eyes wandered to the drink pickup counter, “Any moment now…”

She swallowed and decided to push on. "Do we have our next assignment, when Command briefed me on the assignment they only had the departure point and a superior to report into.." She said as the barista put his drink on the ledge and called out the order.

"Well after gross negligence and personnel error of my more than likely ex-chief engineer, we were rerouted to Starbase 234 for much-needed repairs. We still don't know the extent of the damage but for a brand-new ship-"

"Captain Grayson... six shot espresso blonde roast to go?" The barista interrupted.

The Captain rose his hand to the Commander while he used his other hand to grab his coffee and take a long sip, "We were supposed to pick you up at Starbase 39. So either this was a layover point or Starfleet surprisingly gotten extremely efficient within the last day or so."

"I was diverted on the way, there was a transport headed this way already so apparently things worked out." Aggy said. "Did our ex-Chief do any major damage?"

"Read the room," the captain commented with a hand gesture with his free hand and arm while he brought the to-go ceramic cup to his lips, "This isn't the time nor the place to go into anything specific."

"Of course Sir." She chided herself for a moment, "Is the intention for us to still undertake the original shakedown mission, or have those orders changed with the detour?" She asked, trying to remind herself she was serving as the second officer in addition to just the Chief Medical Officer.

The captain gave her a mildly disdainful look that he hadn't been able to take a sip of his much-needed coffee, "No." He took a long sip, "The mission parameters haven't changed. You'd be advised if they are."

Aggy had seemed to do everything wrong, "Well, I should leave you be then, Sir. I will see you aboard the ship if there's nothing else."

"Don't be so hasty," the captain replied, "I've got a few appointments at Base Command if you care to join me for a leisurely stroll and talk business?"

She nodded, falling into step beside him. She took another sip of her coffee and opted to let him make the next move.

The captain remained silent while he drank most of his coffee. He looked over towards the commander, "So why medicine?"

"Family business to an extent, both parents were Doctors with Starfleet, before dad took a Captaincy. My earliest memories are typically of sickbay aboard a starship or outpost." She said taking another sip of coffee. "The usual allure of Starfleet, service, exploration, seeing the universe, although it seems like we spend more time in firefights and trying to prevent them than we really do exploring anymore."

"That's a good answer. Are you close to your parents?" Grayson asked while he brought the coffee tumbler to his lips.

"I was, they were both killed in the Frontier Day attack. Mom was aboard Probert Station when it was taken down. Dad was assumably killed by the younger crew on the bridge. He had been leading training exercises before Frontier Day, they had an extra 300 cadets aboard." She trailed off, "Anyway, I was lucky enough aboard the ''Zheng He'' that we were able to secure sickbay and hold off long enough."

"I'm very sorry to hear that," Aloysius replied. He could still recall having three phasers of ensigns pointed directly at him when they took control of the Uhura. There were so many that were very unlucky on Frontier Day. He took the first opportunity to be reassigned to a command outside of the Sol Sector Command and on the frontier itself, "my condolences."

She nodded, "Well, how often does something come around that trauma bonds an entire people." She replied, "Sadly I guess pretty regularly. But thank you, I try to let it guide my choices, when I first started practicing medicine, I don't know if I truly understood loss, logically, or rationally of course but the perspective of having to be willing to make a choice that will send people to that fate. To weigh the options, and to decide who may have to be put directly in harm's way. I think it certainly gave me an appreciation for the gravity of command."

"It isn't normal for the chief medical officer to serve as second officer," Grayson commented, "but nonetheless it will be good to have your perspective and counsel on things. Not sure who'll end up being XO as I haven't selected anyone yet but I think the brass will assign someone to the ship like they've done with you. Seems to be standard practice these days."

"I apologize if I was not your preferred pick as CMO," Agatha said, "but I'll remember to only bother you after your coffee and I'm sure we'll be able to work together."

"Definitely my first choice as CMO," Aloysius continued, "I was still talking about the XO. Some bloke who was a nurse who turned up wearing red. Not your typical rise to the command deck. But I guess I believe in seeing his capabilities with reserving my judgment."

Agatha took another sip of her coffee disappointed to realize it was already at an end. "Well, for what it is worth, I know many Nurses who are better under pressure and faster on their feet than many command officers I've served with." She said, "Not to speak to the specifics of our new XO, but perhaps Starfleet will benefit from command officers with a greater diversity of backgrounds and experiences." She tossed her empty cup into a recycler before giving the Captain a grin. "Or they'll be terrible and we'll be screwed. Starfleet is all about the adventure."

"Come for the Adventure they said, deal with the bureaucratic red tape... that they didn't say," Aloysius grumbled while they approached his destination.

"The fourth pip is just paperwork isn't it." She quipped.

"Mostly," he replied in agreement.

She smirked, "If there's nothing else Sir, I'll let you get back to your morning."

"Thank you Commander," Aloysius continued, "I appreciated the morning stroll across the promenade from the cafe to Base Command. You're dismissed.


A Joint Post By:

Commander Agatha Oyihnmoda
Chief Medical Officer & Second Officer, USS Haida NCC-42063


Captain Aloysius Grayson
Commanding Officer, USS Haida NCC-42063,


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