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The Lakefront

Posted on Mon May 22nd, 2023 @ 4:53pm by Captain Aloysius Grayson & Lieutenant Marie LaFramboise

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Mission: The Kriresian Gambit
Location: Starbase 234: Admiral Shanthi Memorial Park
Timeline: MD -1 2112

[ Starbase 234 ]
[ Admiral Shanthi Memorial Park ]
[ MD -1 2112 ]

That opened him up for an opportunity. Raffles ran full-speed ahead, jumping onto the bench and ambushing Aloysius with full range kisses. The drench labrador then shook spraying him with water and then sat down in front of him. She began to bark at him.

Marie waded back out of the pool and stood in front of the Captain. "Well Capitaine, the water was refreshing. Have you had time to clear your head too?"

"I'm fine," Aloysius focused on his dog then looked over at her. He had caught a glance of her approaching him soaked in the pond water thanks to Raffles. Who was pleased with herself, she barked at both of them reminding them of her presence.

"Uh huh," Marie replied. "Tell me Capitaine, do you have anyone close in your life? You seem like you're distancing yourself from those around you."

"I've got Whiskers," and then he reached down scratching Raffles behind her ear, "and then I've got Raffles too. Don't I, dog?"

She barked.

"I see," Marie replied as she stood in front of him, her stomach level with his gaze. She looked down at him on the bench. "So, there's a beautiful woman in front of you, with her uniform removed and you can't make a move?" She teased him before letting out a sigh. "And I thought I could help you feel more relaxed before we have to adhere by 'Starfleet Protocols'."

He looked at her quizzically. He hadn't focused on the pursuit of romantic relationships in his thirty-year career. He was more focused on his own career and its advancement. He was confident in his abilities as a starship captain and commander above all else but his personal relationships were always sacrificed for this. He wasn't like his father or even his mother. He was in his forties and had never been intimate with anyone before. He shook his head simply no, "Being the captain it can be quite lonely, yes, but that's by choice for the safety and security of my ship and crew."

"You could at least compliment what you see," Marie replied. "Or try to at least make a friend."

Raffles barked.

"Raffles is my friend," the captain flopped his hand around her head. The captain's eyes remained on the dog's eyes, "aren't you girl?"

She barked excitedly and then spun around in circles chasing her tail. Then she ran off splashing and splooshing back in the water. His eyes shifted to follow his dog returning to the pond. His eyes crossed her exposed midriff.

"Still no compliment I see," Marie sighed. "Tell me Capitaine, what do you see? As a Science Officer, I see things in many ways."

"An exposed navel of an officer under my command," Aloysius replied rather pragmatically. His eyes slowly worked up her body until the bottom of her crop top and then he looked over his shoulder at the path behind them to revert his eyes. His eyes returned to look forward now making eye contact with the young woman in front of him.

Marie simply giggled. "Capitaine, you see my navel. What about the woman that said navel is part of? How do you see her?"

The captain cursed incoherently under his breath. He was usually more expressive and colourful with his language but at the moment he thought it would be extremely inappropriate, "It's the navel belonging to my chief science officer. However, as she's not on duty, she's allowed to be in any state of dressage she wishes to be."

"You'd make a bad science officer," Marie replied. "One," she held out a finger, "No description that paints a picture. Two," she held out another finger "No hypothesis of what it might be doing there or its obvious intentions, and finally three," she held out a third finger "No looking at the bigger picture or seeing what else is in front of you." She paused. "Why not, try that again using those principles?"

"Oh for fuck's sake," Aloysius cursed loudly and his head shifted to the dusk-setting skies of Chantier IV above them. His eyes stayed there, "Good thing I'm not a science officer then."

His eyes darted down while they saw her for the first time in her state of dress. She was attractive but felt it wasn't his place in a longshot to compliment on her appearance even though she'd been pleading for him to do so during their impromptu run-in thanks to Raffles. Raffles, where is Raffles, he thought. His head shifted to see her just splashing around having a fantastic time in the pond. Onlookers nearby were watching the dog, they seemed to be quite entertained by her hijinks.

"You've become distracted. You can't be like that in command!" Marie said this time a little more firmly. She pulled his head back to look at her. "Tell me, what do you see Capitaine?!" She asked her voice more Commanding and firm. She wanted show him there was more than meets the eye, that there was always a bigger picture.

"Let's call it captain prerogative then," the captain slowly rose to his feet. He towered over her by three foot, seven inches at his six foot, eight inches. He looked down at her which at his angle from above was plenty. He now wished he hadn't stood up, "I see an incoming chief science officer that is pushing boundaries with her captain."

He then stepped around her and then began to walk over towards the lakefront.

Marie laughed as she picked up her tunic and skirt. She slipped them back on, but left her tunic unzipped before proceeding to follow him. "Can't blame a girl for trying." She grinned. "And yes, I was pushing boundaries Capitaine. You passed my little experiment, I now understand you better. There are boundaries that you will let me push, but now I know where the line in the sand is" she told him with a smile.

"Plus, I see you have dedication to your duty. Your resistance to... temptation is admirable." She zipped up her tunic. "Then in that case Capitaine, I believe that I can be the best science officer for you. I am hereby reporting for duty!"

He had found himself watching her change back into her uniform. Outwardly he was pleased that she was getting back into uniform, deep down and internally he was slightly disappointed. Even he could admit that to himself but pushed it down.

"Fuck off," Aloysius shooed her away with his hand, "I'm not on duty. Save that fucking shite for tomorrow."

Marie frowned. "Don't ruin a perfectly good evening Capitaine. You might not get another one for a long time," she said as she turned away from him, her hair swishing in the evening air. "I guess I shall see you tomorrow, should you wish to end our evening here..."

He guffawed shortly at her comment while he watched her walk away. His eyes began to wander down her uniform and her skirt hadn't fallen on her back and latched onto the shorts she wore, "Hoy!"

Marie stopped and looked over her shoulder at him.

"Straighten out your skirt, everyone can see your bum!"

The science officer smiled as she straightened out her skirt. "Shame..." she sighed. "You could have seen more than just my navel this evening if you'd be a good scientist. It seems that you have all the lines in the sand you need Capitaine" she told him with a wink. "Life is short and space is cold and full of dangers, not even wine or sex can help you there it seems..."

The Captain's cheeks became lightly flushed at her comment. He wasn't quite sure how he'd respond to that. He didn't know how. Without saying another word, he turned around to face the water and his goofy lab enjoying herself and winning over new fans.

"Well then Capitaine. I'll see you on the ship tomorrow," Marie said with a smile. "Don't stay out too late."

The Captain didn't acknowledge what his incoming chief science officer.


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Captain Aloysius Grayson
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