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A Falling Apart at the Seams

Posted on Fri Jun 9th, 2023 @ 11:40am by Captain Aloysius Grayson & Commander Agatha Oyihnmoda MD & Lieutenant Commander Rachel Lax & Lieutenant Commander Vorix t'Rennikh & Lieutenant Lily Carter & Lieutenant Marie LaFramboise & Lieutenant JG Kasra Constantine & Lieutenant JG Yevgeni & Cadet Senior Grade Caitlin Dimytrik

1,589 words; about a 8 minute read

Mission: The Kriresian Gambit
Location: USS Haida
Timeline: Immediately Following "Best Laid Plans"

[ USS Haida ]
[ Captain's Ready Room ]
[ Immediately Following "Best Laid Plans" ]

The Captain stood from his feet after prompting his question to his Chief Engineer.

As Vorix was just opening his mouth to reply, the com crackled to life. "Engineering to Commander Vorix!" A rather scared sounding voice came from the combadge.

Vorix looked puzzled as he answered. "I'm in the with Captain. What have you got?"

The voice of the junior engineer sounded harried and in half a panic coming out of the com speaker. "Security is swarming all over and doing old style changeling BLOOD TESTS! They're getting in the way of everyone and everything Commander! Oh, and internal coms are back online, obviously. Should have internal sensors and externals of each cleaned up and online within the next 5 minutes for you, Captain."

The Captain wasn't impressed that the Security Chief had imposed a tariff of blood collection without his approval. He gave the lieutenant commander a disdainful look.

"Is that something you can do from here or do I have to go to the bridge unshowered?"

"Unshowered it is," Vorix stated, finally clarifying the position of certain hygene items., "Sonic showers are low on the priority list, Captain. Things like standard and emergency force field generators, inertial dampers, and so forth rate a little higher up. You know, things that can actually kill people if they don't work right."

"I'd throw some shade in the form of Captain's prerogative but I don't think that'll work here."

Vorix shook his head. "I'll take a dirty captain over a dead crew any day."

The Captain simply responded with a smirk across his face.

Vorix just nodded and turned to leave.

A hatch on the bridge opened and Marie crawled out followed by several other science officer. She was dripping wet, soaked through. "Don't any of ye go to the the science deck. Its underwater at the moment" Marie said. "Ah... Capitaine. What's happening?" She asked as she unzipped her tunic stripping down to her cropped undershirt. She began to wring the water out as she approached him.

"The shielding around the aquatics lab failed, if anyone wants to go fishing, deck eight is a good place to start," she announced.

"Captain's still in his ready room, Lieutenant. Kindly put your uniform back on and tell me what else you learned on your way here?" Commander Lax replied to Lieutenant. Even though she was not in her full uniform herself Rachel believed that if one had it, one should be wearing it.

Turning back to the other crew members on the bridge, she sighed. "I guess you all should be able to skip deck eight for now, uses Jeffries Tubes five and six to get down further. get a party straight to the main computer core and then send a runner back to me with what is going on with it."

Marie finished wringing out the water from her tunic and then put it back on. "Well, power seems to be out on several decks, all of the science facilities are offline and it seems that most containment fields are also offline," she reported.

The doors to the ready room opened to disgorge the chief engineer from the Captain's presence, closing swiftly behind him. "Don't mind me, I'm heading back to my domain," he said quite cheerily to Lax and the others on the bridge. "Internal coms are back online, by the way, and we're scrubbing all the scrap code from the computer as fast as we can."

The romulan pointed at the engineer still on the bridge. "You. I'm making it official, the state of the bridge and its upkeep are your personal responsibility until you die or I find someone better." As the engineer spluttered, Vorix made some officious looking hand-wavy motion, then patted him on the shoulder. "You'll work it out fine."

His vision next caught on the waterlogged Lt LaFramboise. "Oh deary me. Well, thankfully we don't have full water breathers onboard. Still, deck 8 has just gone up on the priority list." He then promptly opened the deck hatch leading into the jeffries tube network and vanished faster than a cardassian vole.

"Well you heard him." Commander Lax said loudly enough for the whole bridge to hear. "as for you my damp Lieutenant, please hit your station," She pointed to at the bridge's science station, "And start feeding up any and all updates on the core." She smiled to Marie.

Marie nodded before moving over to the science station of the bridge.

Lily had exited the Jefferies tubes into Sickbay it's self. She looked to the others that were in there as they were looking at her. She gradually had gotten up and she fixed the hatch. She noticed several were still looking at her. "I'm Lieutenant Lily Carter, your counselor. How may I be of service?" She said, looking to anyone that would answer her.

Nurse Chappelle looked over, "Welcome Counselor, the Chief is headed to the messhall to check in there. I know this maybe a but outside your wheelhouse but how good are you with injuries to the rest of the body?"

Lily calmly replied, "Unfortunately, I can only do Minor injuries. I'm not proficient with the Major. I get uncomfortable and nervous. The huge life or death with major is not something I... could feel the responsibility of." She gave a slight frown, "For that, I do apologize."

"Don't worry about it, I've got the perfect job for you." Chappelle said. She handed the Counselor a PADD. "I'm about to do rounds in recover, is that more up your wheelhouse?" She asked with a grin.

Carter smiled a little more grateful, "I believe that I can handle this easier and better." She read the PADD and then she looked back at Chappelle, "I am quite sure that I can do this." She motioned for her to lead the way.

Agatha crawled out of the tube into the next junction, "One more section and then we should be able to get back into the corridors for the rest of it." Doctor Oyihnmoda said over her shoulder to the Cadet.

Caitlin was getting a little worn as they clambered along one tube to the next. Not that she was out of shape by any sense, but with the ships main systems down, the heat and smoke from her previous time in the tubes near a fire just getting from her quarters to sickbay was starting to take a bit of a toll on the cadet.

"I can't wait, I miss the corridors so much," she said and offered a wry smile to the Chief Medical Officer as she glanced back. "Big reason I didn't go into engineering, spending lots of time in the tubes"

"I personally think there's a very sadistic ship designer somewhere that deliberately makes these uncomfortable in order to screw us all." Agatha said. She reached the junction and got to her feet. She turned and offered a hand to help the cadet to her feet.

"I think you're right" Caitlin replied as she followed Agatha out of the crawlspace and hauled herself back to her feet, using the bulk of her med kit as a bit of an aid to push herself up with.

"I donno how engineers can crawl all around these all day" she laughed a bit, trying to keep her mood light, despite all that was going on at the moment.

The Captain had deliberated briefly on what he was going to say on ship-wide comms. He tapped his commbadge, "Haida crew, this is your captain speaking. This is a self-contained incident. Please assist Engineering and Operations teams to get the ship operational. There is no need to panic. The Security Department will cease all Changeling Blood Tests immediately. Lieutenant Yevgeni, please report to my Ready Room on the double."

Yevgeni was in the field hospital in the mess hall assisting his officers with their duty when the ship-wide announcement came through. "Standby," Was the order he came to all security personnel as he stormed off towards the turbo lift.

Entering the Captain's ready room once it was granted access he stood in front of his CO, proud of what he was doing. "Chief Yevgeni reporting as ordered sir." The child officer stated.

Kasra popped through the open hatch and landed in the open turbolift 'room' with a light thud. She straightened out and stood, wiping a few grey hairs from her eyes and stepping onto the bridge. She nodded to the ops officer as she took her place silently before looking over her shoulder, "Apologies for my tardiness, little bit more of a task to get here than usual." Her tone was cool, as she interacted quietly with her ops staff member on the current state of affairs.


Captain Aloysius Grayson
Commanding Officer, USS Haida NCC-42063,

Lieutenant Commander Vorix
Chief Engineer, USS Haida NCC-42063,

Lieutenant Commander Rachel Lax
Chief Tactical Officer, USS Haida NCC-42063,

Lieutenant Lily Carter
Chief Counselor, USS Haida NCC-42063,

Lieutenant JG Kasra Constantine
Acting Chief Operations Officer, USS Haida NCC-42063,

Lieutenant JG Yvengi
Chief of Security, USS Haida NCC-42063

Lieutenant Marie LaFramboise
Chief Science Officer, USS Haida NCC-42063


Cadet Senior Grade Caitlin Dimytrik
Cadet Rotation Cruise, USS Haida NCC-42063


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