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Getting Called into the Headmaster's Office

Posted on Fri Jun 9th, 2023 @ 11:44am by Lieutenant JG Yevgeni & Captain Aloysius Grayson & Lieutenant Commander Rachel Lax
Edited on on Fri Jun 9th, 2023 @ 11:48am

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Mission: The Kriresian Gambit
Location: Captain's Ready Room
Timeline: Immediately Following "A Falling Apart at the Seams"

[ USS Haida ]
[ Captain's Ready Room ]
[ Immediately Following "A Falling Apart at the Seams" ]

The captain had changed out of his fitness wear and was now in uniform after the chief engineer had departed from his Ready Room. He had summoned his Security Chief to his ready room to discuss his unilateral implement blood screening tests without the captain's authorization in a time of an emergency crisis.

Entering the Captain's ready room once it was granted access he stood in front of his CO, proud of what he was doing. "Chief Yevgeni reporting as ordered sir." The child officer stated.

"Lieutenant," the captain clasped his hands together in front of him, "my patience is running amok. Do you have any idea as to why?"

Yevegeni's hands held each other behind his back, something was being grasped and was being hidden behind his back. But he could sense the energy of distrust in the room. "Presumably," He began with "The Changeling," the sound of disgust as he said changeling was evident enough that he held a strong distaste for this group of species. "Saboteur creating anarchy aboard sir." He crooked, some words overshadowed by his strong Russian accent.

The captain glared at him with an ill-tempered disapproving fatherlike way, "There isn't a Changeling onboard this ship. Nonetheless, you never sought out my approval for an undertaking of such a test. You're testing my patience, and it's running very thinly here. You've been a lieutenant, junior grade for seventeen fucking years. I'm starting to see your incompetence. Give me a good reason why I shouldn't demote you to Security Officer and have you reassigned off the Haida?"

"Firstly sir," Yevgeni started, reminding Camly. "As head of security, neither my officers nor myself has debriefed or advised you on a course of action on the current events." He briefly waited to cut the Captain's mouth open, so he could cut him off, he knew he was putting wood onto the fire but Yevgeni was calm, he needed to be with his line of work but this was his way to be aggressive. "Secondly, I will not resign for doing my job... You can demote me, yes... But I was here before your grandfather and I will be here after your grandson."

Yevegni's right hand came out from the shadow of his spine, his hand was brought up to his chest and in his grasp was a Hypospray that had a small glass cylinder tube attached to the very end... Yevegeni was looking for blood. Literally.

"You're dismissed and relieved of duty and will be confined to your quarters," the Captain tapped his comm badge, "The Captain to Lieutenant Commander Lax. Please report to my ready room on the double."

Yevgeni's left hand was also brought out of the shadows, a phaser was being clutched tightly. "Cmdr Lax" Yevegni called out using the open comm line. "The captain is a potentiality Changeling. Belay those orders and inform Doctor Oyihnmoda she must assume command." Yevegni just shocked his head in disappointment "... I really thought you were the Captain... Prove me wrong. Please?" Yevegni pleaded, he didn't want to take action but knew everyone runs out of time eventually.

The Captain gave the lieutenant a furious look, "How dare you second guess my fucking orders!"

Hearing part of the argument over her commbadge. "Sweet Jalapenos!" With a quick order to the bridge crew she picked someone to take charge until she returned from the ready room.

Walking into the ready room, Lax moved calmly and relaxed as she stepped up to the 'head of security,' " Lieutenant, you will hand me the hypospray, I'll take care of the test." She winked at the Captain before stepping closer to the Lt and punching them squarely to the jaw with a strong right had fist. hoping to at least topple the Lt over. Did she feel bad for punching what looked like a child but ehh she was stressed out from a lack of sleep and all the issues aboard. "Stay down kid..."

He knew who she was. A fellow patriot. Keeping his eyes locked onto Captain Grayson, Yevgeni's short arms swung to the left where Commander Lax was standing, handing her the hypospray.

Fists flying, with Lax's weight being superior to that of Yevegni's the officer fell to the right, letting out a small grunt of pain, tumbling towards the floor, his left hand dropping the phaser at the shoe of the Trill officer, with his hands-free he quickly put them down on the floor, stopping himself from hitting his head onto the cold metallic floor.

Looking up from the floor Yevgeni's lip was bruised but his ego more so. He looked at the officer he no doubt expected to understand his actions, Lieutenant Commander firstly looking at her like a cat plotting its owner's death before panning to Captain Greyson. Awaiting his fate.

"Commander," Grayson stood to his feet. He approached the two of them while the Commander held the child in a headlock, "Thank you for the assist."

"You are welcome, Captain." She grunted out before kicking the loose phaser further away from the kid.

Grayson patted himself on the upper arm indicating a spot for the hypospray, "Take a blood test by all means, Commander and show him that I truly am Captain Grayson."

Dropping the Lieutenant onto the couch in the office, she ripped the hypospray from his hands and stepped over to the Captain and pulled the required blood from him. "There kid look All Captain..." She shook the hypospray with he blood inside, showing it didn't revert back to Changeling goo. "Now Captain, my I suggest that while we are under the current situation we put him to work with one of the repair crews on the bridge, where I can keep an eye on him?" She glaired back over to the LT.

The junior Lieutenant sat back in the sofa, licking his wounds and making sure there was no meddling with the blood screening. Once he saw the crimson colour was just that, he looked defeated, tapping his combadge he commanded his officers. "Chief Yevegni to security personnel. Stand down and cancel shipwide lockdown, authorization Yevgeni-4-1-Lambda-Grey."

He looked at his CO who had a face like thunder. "I stand relieved Captain." He stated, knowing his future in Starfleet was over.

"No," Grayson replied firmly and he pointed over at the Chief firmly, "You are relieved of duty effective immediately and be remanded into custody." He looked over to the Commander, "You are de jure Chief of Security until Starfleet sends us a replacement. Please have the Lieutenant here arraigned and placed in the Brig until this pending emergency is over. Confiscate his phaser and commbadge."

"Yes Sir. I'll take up those reigns. Lieutenant please hand me your commbadge," Lax asked as she bento over and picked up the phaser and attaching it on the other side of her belt from her standard one. "We will be going Sir. Come along" She motioned for Yevegni to lead the way.

The disappointment in his face was quite clear, he was not pleased with current events. He removed the combadge on the left side of his upper chest and passed it over to his successor.. Standing up on his feet, he un-zipped his golden operations jacket, and slowly walked onto the bridge, as if he was taking a final last look of his surroundings.


A Joint Post By:

Captain Aloysius Grayson
Commanding Officer, USS Haida NCC-42063,

Lieutenant JG Yvengi
Chief of Security, USS Haida NCC-42063


Lieutenant Commander Rachel Lax
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