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Jailhouse Blues and Klingon Sarcasm

Posted on Wed Jun 21st, 2023 @ 8:14am by Warrant Officer Duq'Yaha & Lieutenant Commander Rachel Lax & Lieutenant JG Yevgeni

897 words; about a 4 minute read

Mission: The Kriresian Gambit
Location: Brig USS Haida

[USS Haida ]
[ Turbolift Enroute to the Brig ]
[ Immediately Following "Getting Called into the Headmaster's Office" ]

Stepping into the Turbo lift behind Lieutenant Yengeni, "Brig." She spoke to the lift's controls. "Boy did you bight the big one here, Kid." Lax said before sighing and glancing over to him. "Sorry about the punch I didn't want you pulling your phaser."

"You don't have to explain to me," Yevgeni said with a tone of depression. "I've been in this industry for" He briefly paused, trying to fastly think of how long it has been. "110 years?" He was lent up against the turbolift wall, he seemed amazed he had dedicated his life to something he didn't plan.

"Really? That old? Sorry about call you kid then." She shifted to look at him. "You realize how much you messed up here right? I'm sure it would have been one thing to have asked him for the test, then with his support work your way down the crew, but to call for a whole ship lock down to deal with it all?" She whistled at the idea.

"Oh, I asked," Yevgeni said with a smile. "And he refused, becoming a flight risk and forcing me to remove him." The turbolift quickly filled with silence. "...It's okay... Calling me kid," He said looking up at the adult with a childish smile. "Still am technically... But prejudice forced some life choices and then a war and I washed up in Starfleet... In 700 years I'll be 18." Still looking up at her. "If I'm still in Starfleet, I'll name a good ship after you."

"Then name a good warship after me then." She snickered as the turbo-lift whooshed to a halt and for a second the doors gracefully opened.

Keeping his hands by his side, Yevgeni walked down the steel corridor keeping his head held high and maintained his dignity as he walked into his her brig.

Following Yevgeni into the brig, Lax looked around, being the first time in this ship's brig AND not being here to sit in a cell she was taking it all in. "Warrant Officer Duq'Yaha, Please secure Lieutenant Yevgeni, and forward all reports to me for the time being." She frowned for a moment before looking at the Warrant.

Warrant Officer Duq'Yaha looked up from her duty station when the lieutenant commander and lieutenant enter the brig. The Klingon-Human looked over and approached the two of them then responded quite dryly, "I apologize but the inn doesn't have any vacancies at the moment."

"Then contact Engineering and have them drop some hull repair tape." She gave a tired smile to Duq'Yaja, "seems our Chief of Security needs some time to think over certain Critical Situation Policies. For the time being, I am now the Chief of Security. Please find somewhere to hold Lieutenant Yevgeni until the Captain releases him." She turned to him, "I'll work on the old captain, and see if I can get him to let you off with still being crew."

Peering over the console, Yevgeni could see who was being held inside the forcefield. "I take it these are the crewmen who failed to comply with blood screening?" Yevgeni asked then turning to his successor, looking up at her. "I took swift action. Remember that. All that is left to do is to launch an inquiry into what happened." Although he was no longer in charge, he wanted things done right and done now.

"No, no. You're not getting off that easy," Duq'Yaha grumbled while she walked over and tapped on the console, "In. Now. This isn't Club Med, this is the brig."

"Thank you Warrant, Please release the ones refusing to give blood samples." Lax ran her fingers through her hair before turning to Yevgeni, "Like I said I'll try to put in a good word with the Captain."

"Yes Ma'am," Duq'Yaha replied and she lowered the force-shields, "To all those who refused to undergo the screening test. You're free to go as per the lieutenant commander's orders. Return to your duty stations."

The releasees exited the brig. Duq'Yaha walked over to her former Chief of Security, "You get the corner suite. It has quite the few of the left nacelle. Enjoy."

She led him down towards the cell and she pointed, "In now before this gets even more awkward."

Yevgeni didn't rise to the challenge because he held all the cards, the majority of the personnel in the security department were loyal to only him, they served with him and healed his beliefs, they trusted him and he trusted them and he knew there would be an uproar if the Captain didn't allow a security investigation.

He walked over to his cell, grinning like a Chesire cat, once inside he made himself comfy, taking a seat on the bed. Watching every moment no matter how small he still watched like a predator hunting its prey.

After thanking the Warrant Officer before heading back to the turbolift to the deck her quarters were on. She figured she'd get her uniform fully on before heading to the bridge.


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Lieutenant JG Yvengi
Chief of Security, USS Haida NCC-42063

Lieutenant Commander Rachel Lax
Chief Tactical Officer, USS Haida NCC-42063


Warrant Officer Duq'Yaha
Brig Officer, USS Haida NCC-42063


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