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Posted on Tue Aug 15th, 2023 @ 10:05pm by Lieutenant Commander Vivian Ellis & Lieutenant Amri Vaughan

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Mission: The Kriresian Gambit
Timeline: before joining Haida

OOC: I had this started, but If you want to tweak it or us maybe go with something similar as Amri is Ops there...? Maybe play something off?

Amri stepped on to the Roosevelt about a week or two ago. She was handed a padd and she nodded a thank you to the crewmember. She wanted to read the padd, but she did a quick scheme to realize that she needed to see the current XO of that ship. She didn't know who that was, but she decided to go meet the person.

She stepped into the turbolift uneasily. Though she knows that they were making repairs due to damages. She was very uneasy from what she had learned of the events that happened prior. She said her deck that she needed and she tried to relax a moment. She knew this was one of the first repairs done, but she couldn't help but feel vulnerable. Not until everything was complete and in order. Something that she knew was a priority. Safety is always necessary.

She sighed a moment, before she left the turbolift and she headed over to meet the XO.

Vivian sat in the empty command chair at the center of the bridge, her attention was on the padd in her hand. Scrolling a little down as she continued to read. She distinguished foot falls moving toward her so she looked up for a moment at the younger woman approaching her, "You must be Liuetenant Vaughan, our new Chief of Ops?" She asked, turning her attention back to what she was reading as she spoke.

She noticed the XO, busy with the Padd, "Yes, Sir. I am reporting for duty." She glanced around the room, before laying her eyes back on the Commander.

Vivian finished reading her padd, looking across to the younger woman and nodding, singularly and curtly. "Good to have you with us Lieutenant. You know the location of your new quarters I assume. Get settled in and I'll see you later for your first shift. Dismissed."

She gave a nod to the Commander, "I do know the location of the quarters." She paused for a moment, "I'm sorry to hear about the former Captain..." She glanced to her, knowing that the XO had to be temporarily CO, until they had gotten a replacement. She gave a thank you and she left the Bridge for her quarters to settle in, before her first shift.


Lieutenant Commander Vivian Ellis
Executive Officer, USS Roosevelt NCC-47180

Lieutenant Amri Vaughn
Chief Operations Officer Officer,USS Roosevelt NCC-47180


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