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Haida Debrief

Posted on Wed Jul 19th, 2023 @ 3:23pm by Captain Aloysius Grayson & Commander Agatha Oyihnmoda MD & Lieutenant Commander Rachel Lax & Lieutenant Commander Vorix t'Rennikh & Lieutenant Marie LaFramboise & Lieutenant Commander Gosia Nowicka & Lieutenant Lily Carter & Lieutenant JG Kasra Constantine

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Mission: The Kriresian Gambit
Location: USS Haida
Timeline: MD 1830

[ USS Haida ]
[ Deck 1: Conference Room ]

The senior staff had been assembled by his second officer, Doctor Oyihnmoda in the conference room for a quick debrief before being transferred to the Roosevelt. When the Doctor noted everyone was in attendance he walked in from his ready room, "Hey everyone I'm going to make this relatively quick and painless but it warrants an in-person meeting. There'll be discussion amongst ourselves."

"This is Lieutenant Commander Gosia Nowicka, she'll be serving as our strategic operations officer and be our mission advisor. We will be transferring over to the Roosevelt. We're in search of the Haida's former Chief Engineer Lieutenant Mahvehokiskovar. He's wanted for sabotage. He is presently en route to Starbase 24 and we hope to get there in time before he disappears. Any questions?"

"Oui" Marie said. "Why would he sabotage a starship? Surely that just jeopardizes his career?" she asked curiously.

"Lieutenant Commander?" Captain Grayson looked over to Lieutenant Commander Nowicka.

"We have reason to believe that Lieutenant Mahvehokiskovar may be a foreign asset. We won't know who he is working for until he has been apprehended and interrogated by Starfleet Intelligence."

"The fact that the suspect was able to escape the ship before the sabotage affected us also indicates there may be a large plan at work." Agatha added. "Now, the Haida will be out of service for an unknown amount of time, in order for us to pursue we need a ship. Starfleet has ordered all current Haida personnel to temporarily be assigned to the USS Roosevelt, the Captain will take command of the Roosevelt."

Lily nodded, but she raised her hand, "I suspect some personnel will remain behind to help fix the Haida?" She questioned, "If I'm needed on the Roosevelt, I can come. However, we do still have wounded and those healing that may need counseling. I'd like to figure out where I'd be best needed." She simply stated.

"All personnel will be transferred over to the Roosevelt, Counselor." The captain answered the ship's counselor. "The sooner we get everyone transferred over to the ship. Counselor and Lieutenant Constantine, please stay behind after the conclusion of the briefing. Is there any other questions before I conclude this briefing?"

"Yeah," Lieutenant Commander Rachel Lax spoke up. "Sir, will I continue with the two hats of Tactical and head of Security for now?" She paused for a moment before airing the idea she had, "Or if it would work for you, reinstate Lieutenant JG Yevgeni as Head of Security, but any major decisions he'd have to slide them to me. That way he is able to lighten my load, along with being supervised."

"No," the captain replied quite firmly, "I won't be reinstating Yevgeni as Chief Security Officer. You'll continue to serve in both capacities until Starfleet transfers someone new to take on the responsibilities. As for Yevgeni himself, I haven't come to a decision involving him yet. I'll be deferring it to Commander Ellis once we're onboard the Roosevelt for her to handle."

Nodding Lax frowned, She and hoped to maybe safe the kid's career, "Then may I ask for him to be transferred to Tactical as one of my officers, I'll put him in charge of cleaning phaser emitters and focus crystals, where he shouldn't be able to be an issue and will be out of your way." She gave her best 'I'm totally trying to help and you should totally trust me.' smile.

"Again, I'll defer it to Lieutenant Commander Ellis to make a decision. Anything else?"

With no other comments or questions they dismissed the staff.

Vorix seemed to vanish as soon as he was released, as if being on the upper levels of the ship was anathema to him. He hadn't said a word during the briefing, already aware of most of what had been presented to the other officers. His haste, however, was due to having an additional responsibility that the others did not. While onboard the Roosevelt, the Starbase would be conducting the extensive repair and overhaul work that the Haida required. Vorix and his engineers had to ensure everything was properly documented for handover and all in-progress repair efforts were halted in a safe configuration.

"I'll be on the bridge overseeing the transfer to the Roosevelt, we should be fully onboard within an hour." Agatha said to the Captain.

"Thank you, Commander. Notify me as soon as the Roosevelt arrives." The Captain answered. The Commander was the last of the senior staff that was not asked to stay behind, "Lieutenants, unfortunately, there are more senior department heads aboard the Roosevelt. Therefore, you'll be serving as an operations officer and counselor. You can place a request for a transfer elsewhere and I will understand if you don't wish to join us."

Kasra nodded slightly as she was leaned sideways against the wall closest to the small group, "Had a feeling that would be the case sir, I'm just happy that I can be of use."

"I'd be honored to continue to serve, wherever I am needed. I'd be happy to assist the medical team, when the main counselor doesn't need me." Lily gave a polite smile.

"Fantastic, that'll be all." The Captain rose to his feet, "I've got two ships to run. Well, one to get underway so I'll end the meeting here. Or would you prefer to go back to being the communications officer, Miss Constantine?"

Kasra nodded very enthusiastically and smiled slightly at her CO, "Oh I'd enjoy that very much, thank you for the offer sir."

"Consider it done. You're both dismissed," The Captain then departed from the conference room to begin his own preparations to assume command of his third command.


Captain Aloysius Grayson
Commanding Officer, USS Haida NCC-42063,

Commander Agatha Oyihnmoda
Chief Medical Officer & Second Officer, USS Haida NCC-42063

Lieutenant Commander Vorix
Chief Engineer, USS Haida NCC-42063,

Lieutenant Commander Rachel Lax
Chief Tactical Officer & Chief Security Officer, USS Haida NCC-42063,

Lieutenant Lily Carter
Chief Counselor, USS Haida NCC-42063,

Lieutenant JG Kasra Constantine
Acting Chief Operations Officer, USS Haida NCC-42063,

Lieutenant Commander Gosia Nowicka
Strategic Operations Officer, USS Roosevelt NCC-47180

Lieutenant Marie LaFramboise
Chief Science Officer, USS Haida NCC-42063


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