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The Cadets

Posted on Tue Aug 15th, 2023 @ 9:08am by Cadet Senior Grade Rhokin Dusan & Cadet Senior Grade Caitlin Dimytrik

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Mission: The Kriresian Gambit
Location: USS Roosevelt: Sickbay
Timeline: MD 1 1845

Engineering Cadet Dusan Rhokin entered Sickbay. His hand clutched his other shoulder while he walked in. He looked around the already busy Sickbay, it was the epicenter of mishaps that occurred in the early hours. He had winced in pain at his station in Main Engineering in fear of the Chief Engineer's wrath.

Sickbay busy, but quiet, tense as so many of the ships wounded were treated and cared for. Cadet Caitlin Dimytrik, the ship's newest nurse, spotted the incoming engineer, her eyes catching on the clutched shoulder and the pained expression on his face.

"Right over here" she said, eyes glancing down to the rank strips that matched her own on his collar, "Cadet - Lets check you out" she guided him to a biobed. "What happened?" she asked as she flipped open her medical tricorder and popped out the small handheld sensor and began scanning, focusing first on his shoulder.

"I think I pinched a nerve," the Bajoran replied and followed the Cadet over. She had looked familiar but he couldn't quite place it. It was unlikely the two of them attended the same campus. There were Starfleet academies spread out throughout Federation space.

He sat up on the bio-bed. He bit down on his tongue while he experienced pain in his shoulder and in his back and knee. He hadn't clued in that she had inquired what happened and not what hurts.

Caitlin chewed on her lip as she looked at the data scrolling across her tricorder screen. "Mmm I am seeing inflamed tissues and aggravated nerves" she said as she brought up his medical file on the tricorder, checking for allergies, making sure there would be no issues with the medication she had on hand.

She set the hand-held scanner and picked up a hypospray and inserter a slamm calendar of blue liquid into the device's handle. Normally a doctor would be making the decisions on medication and treatments, but with hos slammed sickbay was, leeway had been permitted to the nursing staff on less acute medical issues.

"This is going to help relieve the pain you're feeling" she said and pressed the hypospray to his neck, injecting the analgesic.

The engineering cadet felt immediate relief from his injury. The Bajoran offered the fellow cadet an appreciative smile, "So... How far are you into your cadet rotation?"

Caitlin smiled as she saw the relief on his face and knew his pain was subsiding. Now she could really find out what treatment he needed, and picked the tricorder and sensor up again, starting a more detailed scan.

"I just started my rotation, literally just before all this craziness started" she indicated with a wave of her tricorder hand. "I'm Cadet Caitlin Dimytrik, by the way" she introduced herself with an almost shy smile

"Me too," Rhokin nodded his head. "I mean, not Cadet Dimytrik as there can only be one of those. I mean... I literally just got here and have been working nonstop since the madness all began."

Caitlin nodded as she listened, while focusing on her medical tricorder, reading the scan data that scrolled across the screen as she played the handheld scanner over the trouble area.

"Yeah, interesting start to a cadet cruise, huh?" she asked with a wry smile, glancing up from the tricorder at her fellow cadet. "So you definitely pinched a nerve and aggravated the muscles in your shoulder. A nice easy fix and you will be right as rain" she said with a smile.

Putting the tricorder down, Caitlin selected the appropriate tool from her med kit, switched it on and started playing it over the effected area on Rhokin's shoulder.

"Thank you," the Bajoran cadet nodded. He already felt better when she brought the tool across his shoulder.

Caitlin smiled as she saw the relief on Rhokin's face. "I'm happy I could help," she said as she finished the work on his shoulder. "It might be a bit tender for a little while, but the pain should be gone and not come back as long as you don't pull anything" she went on as she did another pass with her tricorder to check on the repaired nerves.

"I think you and I are the pinky cadets aboard for this cruise?"

"I haven't really been able to notice anyone outside of me. We've been pulling double-sometimes-triple shifts to get the Haida operating. Well, when we were posted there anyway."

"Yeah, same" Caitlin replied with a bit of a laugh. "Got aboard, didn't even get to report in properly to the CMO yet and things went right to hell" she explained with a explosion hand gesture.

She flipped her medical tricorder closed and popped the little handheld sensor back into it's slot. "Well, I think you're gonna live and we won't have to amputate, either!" she added with a mischievous grin. "Your all better. But come back if that nerve starts acting up again." she said and smiled more properly. "I'm also glad I'm not the only cadet onboard during all of this."

"I think there are a few others on their cadet cruise rotation across different departments but you're the only one I've actually been in the same room with and you know, talking to. But if that's everything, I should be headed back to Engineering. Maybe we could get together in the mess sometime and commiserate on our time at the Academy?"

Caitlin smiled as she put her tricorder away and started tidying up her work space. "I think I'd like that" she said and nodded. "My shift ends in a couple hours. Call me later if you want to hang out"

"Perfect," Rhokin smiled, "I'll call you later tonight. If the devil lets me go home early." He winked.

"Great, I'll look forward to tonight then" Caitlin said and smiled as age bean preparing herself for her next patient.


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Cadet Senior Grade Caitlin Dimytrik
Cadet Rotation Cruise, USS Roosevelt NCC-47180


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Cadet Rotation Cruise, USS Roosevelt NCC-47180


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