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Posted on Fri Jul 21st, 2023 @ 7:06pm by Lieutenant Commander Vivian Ellis & Lieutenant JG Diana Roseblack

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Mission: The Kriresian Gambit
Location: USS Roosevelt

[USS Roosevelt]

Vivian stepped out of the transporter room and strode down the corridor, tapping her comm badge as she entered the turbolift, "Bridge." She commanded the tech in a brisk tone before attending to the open comm line, "Ellis to Roseblack." Her tone was just as crisp, as the turbolift sped off to it's destination.

The bright and chipper voice of the young officer piped in through the speakers. "This is Lieutenant Roseblack." Even her voice had a smile to it.

A small smile graced Vivian's lips as she heard the ever chipper tone of the Lieutenant's. The doors of the turbolift sighed as she stepped through them and entered the bridge, "Good to be back, Diana, move us to Drydock Epsilon-Three so that we may get this transfer of the Haida's crew underway." As she spoke, she shifted into the command chair and sat, back straight.

"Aye ma'am. Dock Epsilon-3; Traffic Control already has a route for us. We'll be in position in 5 minutes." Fingers danced lithely over the helm console as Diana brought the impulse engines and maneuvering thrusters up to power and began their short transit over to the drydock fields. "But ... they also have an exit vector logged for us. 'Departure authorized as soon as practical,' with a priority notice for all other traffic." She glanced back to the Center Seat, flashing the Commander a puzzled look before returning her attention to the helm. Taking on crew from another ship, no mention of a (thoroughly deserved) promotion, not even an official change of command before an unexpected departure.

Vivian finished reading as she was advised of what her C.O.O had received from traffic control of the station, she exhaled noticeably and smirked very slightly, "Seems traffic control are actually on top of things for once." She observed aloud. Sitting more relaxed back against the chair as she watched the Roosevelt maneuver to the dry dock she requested, and as they docked, she spoke again, "Give me a ship wide Lieutenant."

Diana flicked her fingers across her board, and the intercom opened with the 'all hands' pipe whistle.

"This is Lieutenant Commander Ellis, we've now docked and are to take on a significant amount of crew, as you've all been made aware. I'm expecting you all to have this crew join us in a seamless maneuver as we're required to leave A.S.A.P for a new mission. You all know what you need to do, so let's get this done."


A Joint Post By:

Lieutenant Commander Vivian Ellis
Executive Officer, USS Roosevelt NCC-47180


Lieutenant JG Diana Roseblack
Chief Flight Control Officer, USS Roosevelt NCC-47180


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