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Second & Third Chances

Posted on Fri Jul 28th, 2023 @ 8:57am by Captain Aloysius Grayson & Warrant Officer Duq'Yaha & Lieutenant Commander Vivian Ellis & Lieutenant JG Yevgeni

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Mission: The Kriresian Gambit
Location: USS Roosevelt: Captain's Ready Room
Timeline: MD 1 1915

Captain Aloysius Grayson had been notified that his former Chief of Security had been transferred aboard the USS Roosevelt. While he was no longer a ward of a holding cell in the Brig, he was now confined to his temporary quarters assignment. He had filled his new first officer on the ex-Chief of Security's actions during the emergency onboard the Haida, "I don't believe in second nor third chances, Commander Ellis. I'm a very hard man to please. I would have tossed him aside and made him someone else's responsibility. However, I've decided to remove myself from a decision on his fate in Starfleet. It all is on your shoulders. However, he's not to hold a senior or an assistant department head position under my command until he's proven himself to be capable.

"Either he remains a Security Officer or he is reassigned to the Tactical Department. I don't feel a demotion in rank to Ensign is warranted. Then again. I'm giving this to you as a learning opportunity but if you decide one way will give you more merit with me, you'll be very mistaken."

Vivian listened quietly while Captain Grayson spoke, nodding some intervals and clenching her jaw a little, she nodded again as he finished speaking, "I'm not in the habit of doing things for merit, sir, so that's out of the question." Her tone was flat as she continued, "I believe that there will be no use in reassignment as he is a security officer and to have him otherwise would be counterproductive."

"Good," the Captain answered simply and rather shorthandedly before pressing his fingers to his comm badge, "Please bring in the Lieutenant."

The Klingon-Human warrant officer escorted Lieutenant JG Yevgeni into the ready room. The Captain dismissed her with a simple handwave before she departed, "I will just be outside, Captain."

The short and stout officer was brought into the Roosevelt's CO-ready room by the brig officer who along the journey kept reminding him that she was not going to be part of a jailbreak. Standing stern, with his hands behind his back he awaited quite possibly his final order within Starfleet.

"Lieutenant Yevgeni, I have come to a decision regarding your fate here on the Roosevelt." Vivian's tone was cold and even as she spoke, looking directly at the disgraced officer. The pause was minimal before she continued, "You will remain within the security department, however you will be stripped of your seniority and simply be a security officer." Another slight pause as she looked to the Captain then back at Yevgeni, "That's all I have to say unless the Captain has anything further."

"I'll have that you prove yourself that you can follow the chain of command. If the Commander and I hear that you are not following the Starfleet Uniform Code of Justice, we will bring this forward for a formal inquiry with the Judge Advocate General. Understood, Lieutenant Yevgeni?"

Much older than the 2 before him he knew the real reason why the JAG wasn't involved. Captain Grayson failed in his duties. But he could easily wait this out. "I understand sirs." He simply said with blandness in the tone as he spoke, the security officers aboard Haida were appointed by him, they all once served so unofficially Yevgeni was still in charge of the department.

Vivian nodded and then looked to the warrant officer who stood guard at the door, "Take the Lieutenant to their new shared quarters aboard the Roosevelt when they arrive, then he will be free to go about his ways until his shift." Her eyes trailed back to Yevgeni, "Don't think that any slightest error won't go unnoticed Lieutenant. You will not escape scrutiny just because you seemed to have escaped justice. Work as if you where any other crew member, or you may find yourself in the brig sooner than later." As she spoke, she rose out of her seat, "I will take my leave Captain, to get the Roosevelt underway and at the appropriate dry dock."

The Captain nodded his head and watched Commander Ellis leave. His attention went back to rereading his former Chief Engineer's personnel file.


Captain Aloysius Grayson
Commanding Officer, USS Haida NCC-42063,

Lieutenant Commander Vivian Ellis
Executive Officer, USS Roosevelt NCC-47180

Lieutenant JG Yvengi
Security Officer, USS Roosevelt NCC-47180

Warrant Officer Duq'Yaha
Brig Officer, USS Roosevelt NCC-42063


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