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Getting Underway

Posted on Tue Aug 15th, 2023 @ 9:15am by Captain Aloysius Grayson & Lieutenant Commander Gosia Nowicka & Lieutenant Commander Vivian Ellis & Lieutenant Commander Rachel Lax & Lieutenant Commander Vorix t'Rennikh & Lieutenant Amri Vaughan & Lieutenant Marie LaFramboise & Lieutenant JG Diana Roseblack & Lieutenant JG Kasra Constantine
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Mission: The Kriresian Gambit
Location: USS Roosevelt Bridge
Timeline: MD 1 2100

Captain Aloysius Grayson stepped onto the bridge with both Doctor Oyihnmoda and Lieutenant Commander Vivian Ellis. Lieutenant Commander Gosia Nowicka had the conn. She had sat in the chair to the Captain's left on the command deck.

"Captain on the bridge," the Bolian engineering ensign announced to the bridge crew of the Roosevelt.

The Captain offered the Bolian engineer a smile before his eyes scattered across the bridge to see familiar faces: Commander Lax at the Tactical station, Lieutenant Yevgeni stood behind her at a secondary Security station, and Constantine at the communications terminal. The rest of the faces were relatively normal.

Commander Nowicka rose from her feet to greet the Captain, "The bridge is yours, Captain."

Marie sat quietly at the science console, gently running her fingers over the smooth surface. She checked the status if all science equipment, sensors and labs, all were green and ready.

The Captain stepped onto the command deck, "Commander Ellis, please get us clearance for departure."

Turning to the lift doors, Commander Lax acknowledged the captain before going back to her console. Tapping and sliding her fingers about, She set up the different controls to her preferences and made sure that she was familiar with the layouts that couldn't be changed.

He sat down in his chair. Commander Nowicka then moved off the command deck for the rear of the bridge for the mission operations terminal.

Vivian moved to her seat beside the Captain and sat straight, looking straight to the helm as she heard the command, nodding silently as she proceeded with his request, "Helm, take us out, 1/4 impulse until clear."

“One Quarter impulse until clear, Aye,” LT Diana Roseblack confirmed as her fingers flashed across the helm console. “Space dock local traffic is clear, and we have our outbound lane from Chantier Four Traffic Control.”

Amri made sure that Operations was clear as well with her part in the procedures. She didn't dare speak as they inquired the helm, but she made sure there was no error in the departure.

Deep within the bowels of the ship, Vorix nodded slightly, the faint hint of a smile on his lips. Members of the engineering department, both Haida and Roosevelt, went about their tasks with a minimum of fuss as the indicators on their boards lit up with the increased draw for propulsive power the ship was now calling for. “It’s as good a start as I could ask for,” he said to no one in particular.

The Roosevelt smoothly slid from the docking cradle she had inhabited for the last few hours, leaving the mostly darkened figure of the USS Haida behind. Diana’s deft touch guided the sleek, relatively pristine Constitution III class starship through the field of space docks. Including the Haida, 5 of the 12 were occupied. The attendant traffic of shuttles, work bees, and so forth dutifully kept clear from the Roosevelt’s assigned flight path in a carefully choreographed dance of precision timing.

“Chantier Control reports that we are free and clear to navigate,” Diana said. She already had their destination and appropriate course plotted. All that remained was the Captain (or his delegated representative) to give speed and authorization.

As the ship slipped it's anchor Commander Lax brought the weapon systems up from safe and cold up to tertiary readiness. capacitors were still empty and the torpedos were still on their racks but at least the systems were warming up.

"XO, signal Engineering and let them know we're going to need emergency warp factor 9.999 to get us to Starbase 24."

Vivian nodded curtly as she tapped her comm badge, "Ellis to Engineering. Please prepare the Roosevelt to require emergency warp factor 9.999 in order to travel to Starbase 24."

Vorix glanced at his displays, confirming that all readings were in the green. "Commander, all speeds are available. We can sustain maximum warp through arrival at Starbase 24." He didn't mention the stress and strain such flight would put on the engines drive systems, but these new ships had been designed with the weight of centuries of warp-speed experiences behind them. Besides, Vorix wasn't about to let that bastard get away just because they were too slow.

Vivian let a small smile grace her features as their Chief Engineer replied, motioning to the helm as Vorix finished speaking. Looking forward as she then spoke, "Helm, you have the course and engage warp at highest frequency."

Aloysius gave his new first officer a glance and nodded his head, "Take us out nice and easy." The Captain pointed his finger with his thumb up indicating he was ready to go.

"Aye sir. Engaging warp drive now." She jabbed her finger at a big yellow button on the helm console currently labeled 'Engage!' Though the inertial dampeners smoothly canceled all reactionary forces within the ship, the view on the screen almost immediately shifted into the streaked star view commonly associated with faster-than-light travel. The Roosevelt was now at warp and smoothly ascending through the measured speed scales to her max.

Amri gave a slight smile as she watched her consoles and monitored the Operation of the ship. She was pleased with the readings that the instruments were giving back so far. The Trill kept her eyes on her station for the most part, except for getting a glimpse of the ship going to warp on the screen. That was by far an intriguing part for her.

"Miss Roseblack, ETA on our arrival to Starbase 24?" The Captain looked over to the Operations Officer next to Roseblack.

She looked across her displays, taking in the wealth of information being presented to her. "Flight time to Starbase 24 is 14 hours 32 minutes at maximum warp. Engineering's fuel consumption estimates indicate that we will be down to 1/4 of our usable antimatter stocks upon arrival. My estimates concur." The Roosevelt was definitely fast, but maximum warp was also ridiculously fuel inefficient.

"Ops, don't forget to top up with petro when we get to the station," Grayson rose to his feet, "Commander Ellis, you have the conn."


Captain Aloysius Grayson
Commanding Officer, USS Roosevelt NCC-47180

Lieutenant Commander Vivian Ellis
Executive Officer, USS Roosevelt NCC-47180

Lieutenant Commander Vorix
Chief Engineer, USS Roosevelt NCC-47180

Lieutenant Commander Rachel Lax
Chief Tactical Officer & Chief Security Officer, USS Roosevelt NCC-47180

Lieutenant Amri Vaughn
Chief Operations Officer Officer,USS Roosevelt NCC-47180

Lieutenant JG Kasra Constantine
Communications Officer, USS Roosevelt NCC-47180

Lieutenant JG Diana Roseblack
Chief Flight Control Officer, USS Roosevelt NCC-47180

Lieutenant Commander Gosia Nowicka
Strategic Operations Officer, USS Roosevelt NCC-47180


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