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Security Debrief

Posted on Thu Sep 14th, 2023 @ 10:09am by Lieutenant Commander Tenner & Lieutenant Commander Gosia Nowicka

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Mission: The Kriresian Gambit
Location: Nowicka's Quarters
Timeline: MD 1 2230

[ USS Roosevelt: Nowicka's Quarters, VIP Section, Deck 4 ]

Lieutenant Commander Gosia Nowicka stepped into her quarters onboard the Roosevelt. She had made an arrangement that a former Starfleet Security asset Lieutenant Commander Tenner, the incoming Chief of Security to replace the Onlie Lieutenant broke the chain of command and only caused more stress on the crew in a trying yet turbulent time.

"Lieutenant Commander Nowicka," Lieutenant Baldwin came over the commlink.

Nowicka tapped her commbadge, "Go for Nowicka."

"Sir, we're patching you through to Commander Tenner now, encrypted through Starfleet Intelligence parameters.""

""Patch the Commander through to my terminal."

"Patching through to you now"," the commlink was severed once Nowicka had tapped her commbadge.

The blonde Polish woman sat down in front of the terminal while the Bynar appeared on the screen.

Rather than a standard terminal such as would be found at a desk or workstation, the transmission was routed through an EV helmet. As such, the Bynar's face was magnified to the extent of visible of pores on his lilac skin.

"I have received orders," Tenner began without greeting, "that I am to be assigned to a starship." The tone of the word conveyed near disdain for assignment. "There must be some mistake, but the sector command representative was rather insistent. Could you kindly explain to me the meaning of this?"

The side screen verified Lieutenant Commander Tenner's biometric scans. Commander Nowicka nodded, "I pulled a few strings because I need someone I can trust onboard the Roosevelt."

"I don't know you," Tenner said, "and you don't know me. Why am I being forced out of my unit? Unless you have a dire need for a Combat Search and Rescue specialist or trainer, I think you should find someone else to 'trust' with whatever is happening on your ship."

The Lieutenant Commander looked at the Bynar's face with a subtle smile across her features, "Correct. We haven't officially met but I know someone with your skillset is greatly required onboard the Roosevelt."

"I see..." Tenner closed his eyes and let out a deep breath. Part of him wanted to know what the problem could be that he was getting reassigned back to starship duty. Other parts of him didn't care. One ship posting was like another. None of them would likely allow him to continue in the niche he had found. "My shuttle is currently en route to Starbase 234. Am I to know the Roosevelt's mission before then?"

"Well, we've departed from Starbase 234. I'll patch through our coordinates and expected travel path," Nowicka continued while she pressed a button on the surface of her desk, "you should be receiving that data now."

"As for the Roosevelt's last mission, it was a no-event second contact. Nonetheless, our current assignment is complicated and sensitive."

The updated rendezvous coordinates only confirmed to Tenner what he had already been suspecting. "What's the body count?"

"Zero," Nowica continued, "and I would like to keep it that way. We are in pursuit of a Kriresian saboteur presently en route to Starbase 24. He hasn't suspected that we are in pursuit. He was the former Chief Engineer of the Haida which has been placed on the mothballs. We hope to bring him in for interrogation to see if he's working alone or is a foreign agent."

"Kriresian..." The word was unfamiliar to Tenner. He was learning all sorts of new things today. Lucky him. "So you wish me to assist in a manhunt that the suspect is unaware of." Despite his dozens of successful rescue missions, Tenner's reputation for ruthlessness was not a tightly kept secret. As such, he did not go out of his way to take prisoners. "Tell me what you suspect."

"I suspect that he will attempt to reach out to his handler and we will continue to pursue him until we are able to apprehend both targets. We must uncover the whole conspiracy," Nowicka continued, "after speaking with several of his superiors that this is unlike him. And that he was a competent engineer."

Tenner nodded at her words, internally hating himself for the autonomous processing that his mind was performing with the facts of the case. "I'm assuming an investigation into his background has already occurred. What has it revealed regarding his recent communications, contacts, changes in routine?" While it was possible this Kriresian officer was an embedded foreign agent, it was far more likely that he had been flipped by a personal grievance against Starfleet or extorted through blackmail or other leverage. "The dragnet you cast may catch more following those leads than the man himself. It's very likely that he has outlived his usefulness and may be unknowingly headed to his death."

"The dragnet hasn't brought up any new information nor leads," Nowicka replied.

",All hands report to their stations," a voice came over the ship internal comms.

"I hate to cut this short, Commander Tenner. See you soon," Nowicka cut the conversation short.

Tenner blinked at the empty feed inside his EV helmet. Was this how it was going to be? He sniffed and then sighed in frustration. It seemed he would not learn anything more until the rendezvous with the Roosevelt.



A Joint Post By:

Lieutenant Commander Tenner
Incoming Chief of Security, USS Roosevelt NCC-47180

Lieutenant Commander Gosia Nowicka
Strategic Operations Officer, USS Roosevelt NCC-47180


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