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Meeting the Security Chief

Posted on Fri May 5th, 2023 @ 2:31pm by Lieutenant JG Yevgeni & Captain Aloysius Grayson

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Mission: The Kriresian Gambit
Location: USS Haida NCC-42063

[ USS Haida NCC-42063 ]
[ MD 0 0800 ]

Yevgeni had been transported aboard the ship. He wanted to make a good first impression so he instantly left the transporter room, headed down the bleak, dark corridor and into the turbolift to his quarters, where he dropped his bag and tidied himself up.

"Computer," He asked "Location of the Commanding Officer,"

"Captain Grayson is located within the Captain's ready room." The computer rushed back to him.

Again, Yevgeni set off. Back through the corridor and into the turbolift, taking it up to Deck 1. The turbolift took him to the command corridor, stepping out he quickly found the door labeled "Captain's Ready room." Standing outside Yevgeni pressed the chime and awaited the call to enter.

[ Deck 1: Captain's Ready Room ]
[ Concurrently ]

The Captain held his forehead with both of his hands while he was nursing over a hangover with his elbows on his desk's surface.

He had both a mug of coffee on the heat pad and a glass a quarter full of only ice slowly melting. He heard the door chime and he cursed under his breath.

He resettled and leaned his back into the chair and looked over to the door, "Enter."

Yevgeni dusted his uniform before entering. When he entered through he stood still in front of Captain Grayson. "Lieutenant JG Yevgeni reporting for duty sir." He called out, following protocol.

The Captain didn't know what to expect when he received word that Starfleet Personnel Administration had filled his Chief of Security billet with a Mirian, or colloquially Onlie. They were pretty much children with a lifetime of experience as an adult.

Aloysius knew that Yvengi would still outlive him and still look like an eleven-year-old child. He likened them to J.R.R. Tolkien's Hobbits, from one of his favorite fantasy franchises as a child which what he read at Yevgeni's age of physical experience, "You don't need any introduction, Lieutenant. You're the only Mirian onboard "

The captain brought up his personnel service record, "I see that you have recommendations from both Captain Foltz and Lieutenant Commander Wilcox for your placement onboard the Haida as Chief of Security. Captain Foltz and I came up as captains together from Command School."

He was unsure if he was to remain standing or sit but he relaxed his muscles. "I recall seeing Captain Foltz from time to time at the Academy," He remarked, folding his arms behind his back. "I was a Junior cadet in '75. " Trying to explain his understanding, showing he wasn't a career stalker.

"You served on hership, Lieutenant. The Tyche. You can recall something thirty years ago, not just little over a year ago. Your age might finally start getting to you, Old Man."

Yevgeni smiled at the "Old Man" part, it was something he heard many times but still seemed to enjoy. "On the contrary sir. " Yevegni started with "I am Human but I age much slowly. I recall the good days much more than the bad days... For instance, I still recall the media reporting Khitomer Accords when I was a deputy Sheriff on a rim world," He didn't bring up the name, mostly because there were so many worlds out there, it would be hard to distinguish Gari IV.

Aloysius knew that they were very similar. Historians and scientists alike had theories that the Miri planet's inhabitants - Mirians, Onlies were created in duplicity by the Preservers, "Genetically modified to age a lot slower then, yes."

The captain rose to his feet and walked over to the replicator, "Iced water." The water replicated and he took a long drink. He set it back down on the tray and it dematerialized. He turned around to face the Lieutenant, "I'm a real hard-ass, Lieutenant. There's no way to cherry-coat it. I'm very peculiar down to the last detail. A lot of new-and-upcoming department heads are on board. By the end of this mission, they'll either get reassigned by my own request or they ask for reassignment. I'm not the easiest to get along with if you're not living up to my expectations, nor do I like having my orders questioned. Is that understood?"

"I understand Captain." Yevgeni said, "Experience has gotten you this command, sometimes your experience is needed leading an away team more than commanding." Trying to please his new CO.

The captain returned back behind his desk and settled back into his chair, "I go on Away Missions when I believe its in the best interest of the mission at hand. Have you been debriefed by Starfleet Security for shipboard assignments?"

Yevgeni nodded his head in acknowledgment "Yes sir. I have all personnel ship access codes awaiting them pending verification. I've also been in contact with Starbase 234 regarding the personnel they're sending to assist us, keeping a log of who is coming aboard, doing what, and departing. After our meeting, I'll have security personnel patrol sensitive areas to prevent smugglers and sabotagers from achieving their goals."

That wasn't the answer that he was looking for. However, it pleased him that he knew the ongoings of his department's personnel, "In regards to the newly minted Protective Services Officer."

"Starfleet is trying to appease the politicians by offering retired members a provisional rank in Starfleet," Yevgeni stated, in fact, he was looking forward to it, discovering how they did things back in the 2350s & '60s. "I've got weaponry and basic training courses scheduled. Everyone will be ready by the time we depart."

"You really don't do a lot of reading do you?" The captain asked rhetorically and not pleased with the lieutenant's answer. "No. Nothing like that. This position is when diplomats, ambassadors, and high-ranking officials are aboard. Most importantly on all away missions, I go down on, no matter what, they go with me or I don't get to go. It's the new protocol. And I'm a sucker for rules and regulations."

Yevegni's face began to turn red, he was sort of embarrassed he didn't know this stuff, but diplomatic missions through his career thus far were a rarity. "Sorry sir. I've been preoccupied with forming a department. I will review the material immediately."

"You don't really need to form the department. You already have the personnel and assets. This isn't some frontier town where you're a lawman. You're part of something a lot larger. You got to manage my expectations better," Aloysius looked at the Only straight into his eyes, "and you don't want to do that. Don't expect me to hold your hand and do it for you."

"I am expecting you to be hard on me sir," Yevegin stated, throughout his whole career in Starfleet people thought he wasn't up to the task, he was determined to prove them wrong. "The security of this starship and her crew is my only mission, sir."

Aloysius didn't believe him but he dismissed it with a simple yet abrupt sway of his hand, "Do you have any questions that you'd like to ask or are we done here?"

Yevegni was simply amazed, his new CO was certainly an interesting piece of work, starting friendly then passive-aggressive at the slightest issue. "No sir," Yevgeni stated, his mind was already made up about his CO. This assignment wouldn't be fun. For either of them.

"You're dismissed," Grayson gestured towards the door.


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